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Essay on benefits of technology

Essay on benefits of technology


Technology has made our life easy to a great extent. With technology our works gets accomplished quickly, economically and conveniently. Whether it is home or office, technology makes us more efficient, and productive.  Let us learn more on the benefits of technology.

Benefits of technology 250 words essay

In this technological era, people are surrounded by technologies in the form of mobile phones, televisions, computers and a lot many. These technologies have become so much necessary in our daily life that living without it is unimaginable for most of us. This is due to the varied benefits that technology provides to us.

In medical science, several new technologies have evolved like X Ray, Laser, ECG, Ultrasound that helps in better treatment of a person. These devices provide quick and precise diagnosis that helps in saving a lot of lives.

Another area that is greatly impacted by technology is communication. Use of phones, computers, IPAD, laptops, etc. has all contributed towards making communication easier. With skype and video conferencing, it has become easier to communicate with people in foreign countries.

More and more companies are progressing in executing strategic technology trends that helps them in saving a lot of money and time. Unlike excel sheets that was used to store all customer records, now automated CRM systems are being used. These devices not just make it easy to store, modify and retrieve information but also quickly generate reports in different formats. In this way, it saves time, cut on labor costs and also increase accuracy and efficiency of the task.

Technology has made buying and selling of goods easier. With the growing e-commerce stores, people can buy and sell their stuff (clothes, electronic items, grocery, etc.) at the comfort of their home. In this way, purchases and sales are now facilitated and made possible throughout the world.

Benefits of technology 500 words essay

Technological evolution is beneficial to humans in various ways. Let us know what are they:

Source of Entertainment

Modern technology has widened the entertainment industry. Earlier, people used to depend on cassette, CDs, VCD and DVD players. Nowadays, various different entertainment purposes such as smartphones and laptops are used to watch movies and listen to songs to anytime and anywhere.

Sitting at our home, you can learn about what is happening in Indian and International market. With smartphones and television, any information related to news, sports, entertainment, politics, etc. is available at your fingertips. With innumerable online tutorials, technology can help you learn any new skill or enhance your hobby at home.

Internet serves as a huge repository for collection of audio, video, and movies (of all generic) absolutely free of cost.  With the introduction of FTA and GTA, you no more require a gaming console to play the game. With these modern technologies, it has become possible to access all popular games on mobile phones and laptops comfortably.

Easy access to information

With the use of modern technological devices, real time access to information has now become possible. With a high-speed internet connection and search engine, one can access information in just a few seconds. It is really significantly helped students in the field of education.

They can avail courses from far off prestigious universities at the comfort of their home. Online training sessions, downloadable learning resources and extensive LIVE videos and tutorials from industry experts is not less than a dream come true.

Traveling Made Simpler

With technology you can cover thousands of miles in a few hours with great comfort. Earlier, flying by air was just a dream for people, but due to availability of several flights and the reduced costs of flights, it has made it possible to realize your dream. Reaching a different continent is now possible for a common man.


Earlier, communication was not so easier. Without technology it was very expensive to travel from one city to another or make an STD and ISD phone call. With development of roadways, railways and airways, travelling from one place has not become convenient and cheaper.

Nowadays with free software like WhatsApp, Skype and social networking websites such as Instagram, Facebook, etc. it has become a lot easier for people to connected to each other every time.

Improved productivity
Another important contribution of technology is that it has helped in increasing the productivity of a business. Almost every industry is impacted and benefitted by its use. In the present industrial world, machines have replaced workers in execution of most of the industrial and agricultural work.

The result of it is that more work gets completed in less time and productivity of a business is increased.  This also benefits a business by saving on wages for hiring workers for a job.

Hassle free execution of banking transactions

With mobile banking, internet banking, and SMS banking, and software like Google Pay, Phone Pay, and Paytm, you can easily perform several types of banking transactions in few seconds through your phone.

This eliminates the need to visit a bank and thus saves time and effort. With the help of modern age technological devices, it has become easier to pay with bitcoins in place of using banking options.