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Essay On Culture

Culture holds a lot of significance. It forms the identity of any nation. When talking about India, the different elements of its vast culture such as religion, intellectual achievements, art etc. has made it a vibrant, and diverse nation. Let us learn more about the culture, its characteristics, and its types in detail.

250 Words Essay On Culture

Culture is a distinguishing feature that classifies people on the basis of religion, clothes, language, and lifestyle. Different culture varies from each other on the basis of these factors. Without it, the concept of society is impossible. India has got a rich culture and that it what makes it peculiar from rest of the nations.

Culture describes the identity of people who lives at that place. Young generation learns the culture from elder people of the family and then pass it to the coming generation. Their culture includes the different features of human interaction. It becomes the adoptive mechanism of mankind. The culture is the mental programming that includes everything that distinguish one set of people from others.

Characteristics of Culture:

Each culture has its own characteristics. Let us learn about what they are:

Learnt: A child learn culture by watching their elders. They start to imbibe their actions, and slowly apply them in their life. All types of action such as eating, dressing, wearing ornaments etc. is the outcome of culture that we have learned.

Shared: Culture is shared among various sections of people. It is not possessed by any person completely. it individually. Culture is transferred via sharing that is called as enculturation. One of the main ways in which a culture is shared is through the knowledge, social communication, group discussion, informal communication, public speaking, and modern communication technologies such as Television, DVD, internet.

Social: Culture originates and flourish via social interaction. It operates through social influence, and operational that guide as well as compels the behavior of any specific set of people.

500 Words Essay On Culture

Every state in India has its own distinctive cultures. These cultures differ on the basis of several factors. Let us understand about them in detail.

Material culture: This type of culture is created by people. It includes several things such as dressing, festivals, food, etc.

Dressing: This is another important form of culture. The way the people dresses is one of the ways of knowing their culture. In other words, every state has its own cultural dress. You can see different states such as Rajasthan, Assam, Bengal, Kashmir, Punjab, Chennai, Gujarat etc. have their different cultural dress.

Festivals: Another factor that determines the culture of a place is the festival they celebrate. Different states have different folk music, and dances. Like Gujrati celebrate “Navratri”, Marwari celebrate “Teej”, Punjabi celebrate “Lohri” and “Baisakhi”, Assamese celebrate “Bihu”, Marathi celebrate “Gudi Padwa”, South Indians celebrate “Onam” with great zeal and enthusiasm.

Folk Music, and Folk Dance: Like the unique festivals of states, people also have distinctive folk dance, and folk music performances. Like Punjab has “Bhangra”, Gujrat has “Dandia”, Rajasthan has “Ghumar”, Maharashtra has “Lavaani”, Assam has “Bihu” etc. It is a major source of attraction for people to witness, and participate in these celebrations.

Food: Another important aspect that forms a culture is Food. Each state has its own local specialty that attracts the tourist to that place. The process of cultivating, preparing, and consuming it is the distinctive feature of every state. Where Rajasthan is famous for its Dal Baati Churma , and Mirchi Bada, Gujrat for khaman dhokla, and patra, Maharashtra is famous for vada pav, usal, missal, Punjab is famous for chole bhature, lassi, etc.

Non-material culture: Non-material culture comprises of behavior, and thoughts of people that determines their culture. It includes rules, language, family, customs, beliefs, religion knowledge, and values.

Language: People in different states speak different languages. Some of these languages are Gujrati, Marwari, Punjabi, Tulu, Bengali, Malwani, Malayali, Tamil, Telegu, Marathi etc. Children learn these languages from the elder members in the family.

Religion: Religion is another important aspect in a cultural society. Almost in all the cultures, the religion holds a significant place in the hearts of people. They have a lot of respect towards it and follow every single teaching of that religion in a diligent manner.

People who follows Islam have an obligation to perform prayers 5 times a day and keep fast during the month of Ramzan. Christians have to mandatory attend their mass on every Sunday in Church, Hindus go to temple on various religious occasions, Sikh people go to Gurdwara, Jains go to “Derasara” and follow fast on 9 days during Samvatsari festival.

Education: Education also have a significant role to play in developing a culture of any society. It is the fundamental necessity of a human being. Without proper education, “humanity” isn’t possible. Almost all the different cultures give immense importance to education. Still there are a few cultures which differentiates between boys, and girls and give preferential treatment to only boys.