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Advertisement is a means to make people aware of any product or a service using commercial methods. It is a sort of publicity that is designed to endorse a specific interest of a person intended for product sale. Though advertising has got a few disadvantages, the impact that it created in launch and promotion of a product overweighs them.

250 Words Essay on Advertisement

The Various Ways Of Advertisement
Nowadays the world has got a lot competitive. Everyone wishes to be ahead in the competition. In this regard, advertisement proves to be very useful for businessmen and traders. Advertisement is done for several different things. Employment column lists job vacancies that proves to be highly advantageous for unemployed candidates. Matrimonial advertisement serves as one of the trusted and effective channels to find bride or groom for marriageable prospects.

In addition to it, advertisement is also done to find lost people, shops, plots, goods etc. It is also an effective way to let people know that a nearby shop is on sale or a new tutor service is opened in an area. Advertisement proves to be beneficial and   informative to people in all walks of life. A few years down the line, we used to view advertisements via traditional mode such as newspapers, movie theatre, magazines and walls of buildings, but today television has become the most important way to spread information about any product or service to people.

Due to this reason, more and more businesses are utilizing this medium to advertise them. Businesses are spending a lot of money to create lavish ads to create a positive impression on people. Another major way used for displays advertisement is the world wide web. As nowadays a major section of people is on the web, a single ad posting can reach millions of people easily in just a matter of few seconds. Other common ways of advertisements are huge posters, banners and signboards hung on the road crossings, on the walls, and at railway station. Sometimes you can even find them written or painted on the trains, vehicles and buses too.

500 Words Essay on Advertisement

Benefits And Drawbacks Of Advertisements
We are presently living in the era of advertisements. In whichever place we take our eyes, we see advertisements. It plays a significant role in the contemporary world of business and trade. However large or small a business is, the use of advertisement techniques has become an essentiality to promote their goods, commodities and services.

Advertisements are created and painted artistically that has the potential to quickly attract customers towards itself. The ones who create compelling ads for businesses for promotion of their product or services are called as ‘Dream Merchants’.  Their artistic, attractive and scientific ways of representation used by them is enough to hypnotize the general public and make them into buying their services and/or products.

Oral publicity is the traditional form of advertisement. It is generally carried out by hawkers. Nowadays, publicity in internet, television media and print has become necessary and a widespread mode of advertising. The most extensive advertising is the one that includes both written as well as oral publicity techniques that is found in television.

Benefits of advertising:
Advertisement is considered to be the prime means of generation of income for the magazines, television and newspapers. They are beneficial for producers as well as consumers. Producers earns loads of money by spending their resources on advertisements. Models also make handsome income by acting in advertisements for the promotion of products and services.

In technology advanced business world, advertising has been seen to play a critical role for the establishment of contact between sellers and buyers. It is a medium by which the customer learns about the existence and use of goods that are available in the market place. As there is a lot of competition among businesses in various domains, advertisement has become a profitable investment that helps businesses to reach to nooks and corners of the world and target their potential customers.

The various forms of advertising media:
Internet, online media, periodicals, newspapers, wall hoardings, cinema slides, radio, television and banners are some the various ways of advertising. All these methods are seen to compete with one another in the arena of current advertisement scenario.

Drawback of advertising
As every technology has some good and bad points, same holds for advertisement too. It has its own share of disadvantages. An advertisement creates an artificial demand for things that we don’t need. It compels us to purchase expensive things. It has also been seen to create disagreement within the family when the children make wish for all those advertised goods that they see on television that are beyond the spending capacity of parents.

One of the most destructive impact of an ad is on the ethical grounds. Watching your favourite stars promoting alcohol, cigarettes etc. creates a bad impact on people who follows them. Another disadvantage of advertisement is that superior quality products that are not advertised lose their worth and inferior ones that are advertised enjoys more visibility in the market. This proves a means to cheat the innocent public. Buyers also suffer as the cost of advertisement adds to the entire production cost.

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