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Essay On Art


Art is an ambiguous subject that has plenty of meanings. Where some people think that “art” is a painting or drawing of some sort, others believe it has something more to it. Let us learn more about the different opinions of people have when it comes to defining an art.

Essay On Art 250 words

Art has always been a significant part of our life. It is ingrained in a human being in several forms. Art exists in the form of dressing, preparing food, communicating, performing any creation such as drama, painting, music, sculpting etc. From time immemorial, people have been looking at, creating, enjoying, and criticizing art.

It is a genuine curiosity of what an art is, its objective, and why it has existed in modern time. Art is what a spectator brings to it. It can be enjoyment, or sadness. Art is as a way to express yourself, and how they feel the world around them. The Art plays a major role in expressing inner beauty, and thoughts. From music, to dance, we use arts as a medium to touch that part that we can’t reach with the help of science.

So, let us know what exactly an art is. Art isn’t something that we have to study in order to understand and relish it. It is something that simply captures our attention. Whether you try to communicate via an emotion, or an idea, the very important thing that you need to know is how well your audience receives your artistic creation.

Art can even be shocking. It is a creative piece that an artist uses to spur the discussion among people. Art also inspires people and motivates them with incredible meaning hidden behind it. It even transports people into different world of reality, and move us into subconscious locations that we have no idea that it existed.

Essay On Art 500 words

Art is universal. It is everywhere. Without art, it is difficult to see and appreciate anything beautiful.  Arts adds attraction and charm to anything we look at. It reflects our feelings, and mood. It is the best means to feel relaxed, and contemplate on your life. Art is important way of translating one’s emotions and feelings. It is a therapy for people who feel bored, depressed, or lack any meaning in life. Engaging in art relaxes our mind and nourishes our soul. It exercises the creative side of our brain. Art is important in our day to day life. There are different ways to pursue arts such as painting, drawing, music, dancing, sculpting, photography, craft, knitting, cooking, etc.

Anything that provides a means to showcase our creativity is an art. It is a means to express our feelings, and sentiments without words. Art is a very important aspect for holistic development of a person. Art is an outlet to express your imagination, and emotions. An art can be used as a casual form of expression, or to express any specific intention to people. It can be an expression of happiness, peace, or excitement.

No one knows the significance of art these days. It is present everywhere in this entire world. It is one of the means to showcase your imagination, and creativity. To know more about art, you need to look at your surroundings, and all that you use in daily life. You are yourself a representation of an Art.

Your dressing style, hair design, shoes, grooming, your cooking style, your singing, your way of communication etc. is a determination of an art. It helps in viewing everything in a completely different light. Art can be in variety of different forms that includes music, poems, songs, film making, poetry, painting, photography etc. It differs on the basis of artist, material, and style used by them.

An artist with his creation appeals to the sense of wonder, and provokes a wide range of responses (positive, or negative) in a person. These artistic creations question the intellect, and takes one on a roller coaster ride of emotions. A painter is also an artist. He, with the help of brushes, colors, and wide thought, draws a drawing. His work is dependent on his mood and the type of emotions, and imagination he wants to put across people. Photography is done using camera, to helps to capture brilliant images of natural sceneries, objects, buildings, etc.

Audio arts helps to relax one’s mind. It links the physical, and emotional aspects of the universe. Art has the power to elevate one’s mood, and uplift their emotions. It has physiological effects too. Art in different forms, helps in motivating people. Poetries are an effective way to express the feeling in the form of writings. Visual arts are a popular form of art. Artists place forms, images ideas, and colors, in a way that can be communicated with the viewer. It also provides a deep understanding to people in various vibrant ways.