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Essay on friends

Friendship is seen to be the most beautiful and the greatest bonds that one can wish for. Fortunate are those people who have dependable, and reliable friends. Let us know more about this devoted relation in detail.

250 words essay on friends

Friendship is important for the successful overall well being of a person. They feel a lot of love, and care for each other. A friendship is a bond shared by people who exhibit similar feelings, and interests. This is a unique relation that is only based on honesty, and trust. You can always depend on a true friend at the time of facing challenges and acute problems. He is the one who lend a shoulder to cry when anything wrong happens. You can always count on them for valuable suggestions, unbiased views, and a good piece of advice.

A true friend is the one who has no envy regarding of your achievements, and accomplishments. This person understands you and respects your choices. He/she is the one with whom you can share your opinions. You can tell your friend about your faults and ensure that everything you share remains safe.

Trust is an important factor in any relationship. A good friend remains loyal to you and do not let you down. A person who has a good friend can think of it as a reward for all the good work that he did or does in his life. Having a true friend who remains through your thick and thins is not less than a fortune. He makes you smile at those times when you have been facing trying times in life. He supports you, and lifts you up when faced by the setbacks in life. If you have a true friend, then treasure him and the relation as the God’s blessing.

500 words essay on friends

Having a true friend is a matter of luck. However, you need to be very selective of who is your true friend, and who pretends to be a true friend. There are some people in disguise who would show that they are your true friends, but deceive other people to fulfill their objectives, and accomplish their self –interest. You need to assess them on their traits, behavior and qualities and see how it matches to the definition of a true friend.

He will never desert you. He will be an inseparable mate at the time of sorrow, and happiness. He will prevent you from going on a wrong path. He will be patient and tolerant to keep a good friendship. You will not have any doubt and disbelief in your relationship with him. True friends are more than the riches of the world.  He/she will do his best to make you happy. You share a good repo and understanding with each other. A true friend will be loyal, supportive, kind, dependable, loving, and caring. True friends try to prevent conflicts and can do anything that is possible to make the relation robust.

There are a few people who will make sacrifices for their friends. A true friend would understand your state without you expressing anything with words. Whenever you feel depressed, or high, he will be the first one to discuss your important moments of life.  All of the above, your own gut instinct will tell you that the person who you are with has the good intention for you.  You would never have to doubt about it.

A human is a social being. He needs something with whom he can share his life freely and without any apprehensions. A true friend is the one with whom you can laugh, cry, or simply talk out everything that lies in your heart. Sharing with a true friend gives encouragement to pursue goals, and lighten your emotions. True friends are ready to safeguard each other getting physically, and emotionally hurt. It takes patience, and time for people to gain trust, and develop a strong friendship between two soulmates. Once it happens, you will realize that is the most beautiful thing that will happen with you.

Not everyone is so blessed to have a true friend in life. Due to this reason, you need to value this divine relationship and nurture it with your constant attention, effort and time. Having a true friend by your side, will make the tough life easy, and enjoyable. Their support, will help you smoothly sail through the tough times of your life.

You can be a different person when you are at the workplace, or with your children or parents. But with your true friend, you can be yourself when you are with them. You do not need any approval or have fear of damage of your reputation, you can be natural with them. The comfort, support and companionship that you get by being with them makes your life worth living.