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Technology has made it obligatory for people to change the way they perform a task. It has become imperative for people bring changes in their methodologies in accordance with the technological advancement.

ICT stands for Information and Communication Technology. It is an amazing changing power in the 21st century. Integration of ICT has enhanced the development speed in the entire education system. Many such initiatives are taken to integrate it in learning teaching process.

250 Words Essay on ICT

Relevance of ICT in modern education

ICT in the past
In the 1980’s, Britishers introduced PC’s in schools. As there wasn’t adequate amount of investment, each and every school was provided with just a single computer. Most of the schools didn’t even use them because the teachers weren’t highly qualified and trained to deal with it.

ICT in present scenario
Educational institutions started seeing integration of Information and Communication Technology in education as a thoughtful and a systematic approach towards assessing the entire process of designing, learning, utilizing, evaluating, developing and managing the instructional strategies. The use of ICT technology is highly significant in the fields of problem solving, comprehension, mathematical layout and composition that will endure learning as well as effective functioning throughout the life.

Information and Communication Technology comprise of a wide array of roles in education. Some of them being learning tools, communication, information sources, administration, and distance learning. The “National Curriculum” requires students to be taught in learning computer from a young age. So, as students’ progress to secondary and higher level of education, they can easily adept themselves in using applications software. Due to this reason, ICT can be used virtually all the different subjects that are commonly taught to students. This includes English, mathematics, foreign languages, etc.

Features of ICT
Some of the valuable features of ICT that assist in improving education standards are as follows:

  • Internet service and tools,
  • Distance Learning,
  • Presentation Software,
  • Learning Tools

Advantages of ICT
ICT offers a wide range of services for the improvement of learning. Some of them being:

  • Interactive and exciting teaching packages that are used widely on multimedia. These are DVD ROM’s and CD that provides information in an attractive and innovative ways.
  • It offers quick and convenient access to information that wasn’t available beforehand.
  • ICT helps in linking schools on an international level.

500 Words essay on ICT

Significance of ICT in modern education

ICT is an essential and a widespread means to perform meaningful task in modifying and modernizing present educational systems and the mode of learning. Not just education, it is a valuable part of several aspects of the daily lives.

ICT is basically a technology that helps to obtain access to information. This technology includes products that will restore, store, receive or operate, information in a digitalized format. This technology aims on communication aspect that includes wireless network, internet, other different forms of communication systems. There are several examples of Information and communication technology. A few of them being computing industry, electronic display and telecommunications.

ICT in the field of education is broadly classified in the form of a tool that aids in computer- based learning, research and presentation. It serves as an administrative tool that is useful in management of information systems. ICT not just has a great influence on education, schools and practitioners.

When talking about education, the objective of ICT is to acclimatize teachers and students with the right use of computers, with respect to its working, and ethical and social issues. It is also believed that ICT empowers teachers as well as learners. It not just transforms the mode of teaching, but the entire learning process too. This transformation results in maximizing learning gains that helps learners to boost their creativity, communication and analytical skills.

Though ICT is highly useful for the entire society, it is seen to be more advantageous for colleges students. A learning experience rich in ICT help students to develop their ICT skills. With the necessary hardware and software provided to students, they can access all the needed knowledge from ICT.  In this way implementation of ICT makes an educational institution smart and progressive.

Compared to earlier period, With the availability of computers schools, and colleges, students can carry out research quickly and finish off their assignments and projects much before the stipulated timeframe. This saves them a lot of time, and increase their knowledge in using the machines. With ICT, use of machines and methods to acquire information from it becomes easy. Information and communication technology offer a wide range of effective lessons and information. Use of word processing aids students to perform their assignments easily. It makes their projects and assignments presentable, clean and organized.

This technology provides them access to abundance of information in a matter of seconds. It is found to be one of the best ways to improve their grammar and vocabulary skills. When learning in groups using ICT, students can benefit by collaborative learning. ICT supports local requirements for the learners that implies that social information can easily be found.
ICT infuses interest in students and make them participate more in the process of learning. Integration of information and communication technology in classrooms equips students with an ability to learn effectively, collaborate, and explore the entire world around them. Anywhere and anytime access to extensive web-based tools encourages their learning not just within the classroom but beyond it too.

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