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Essay On Religion


Religion is a fundamental institution of the society. It is understood by its major components such as faith, rituals, worship, traditions, customs. All these components constitute a religion, and differentiates one religion from another. Let us learn more about religion in detail.

Essay On Religion 250 words

Religion is viewed as a universal social system that is present in every society. Religion are classified in various ways on the basis of faith, and ideology of people. There are several religions practiced in the Indian society that creates different impact on people. Some of the major religions being Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Sikhism, Jainism, and Buddhism. Let us see more about the impact created by different religions:

Unity, and Harmony:

One of the most significant impact that a religion creates on people is belongingness, and solidarity. People who belong to a specific religion identify themselves as a single unit and form a harmonious group.

Ethical values:

Another important impact of religion is seen in the form of the development of moral values in people. Religions teach moral values to people like taking care for parents, doing good deeds, praying to God, meditation, protect poor, needy, disabled, and children, honesty, gratitude, and selfless service. All these values are preached by religion that makes its follower a better person.

Social control:

Religion also serve as an impactful tool of social control. It regulates the social conduct of a person by inculcating ethical values, and moral teachings.

Basis of law:

Religion also forms as the basis of law. It has been seen that over a time period, religious traditions, and customs gain the strength of law. As per morality, maintenance of children, and wife is the duty of the husband. To uphold this obligation, Sec 125 CRPC, and Hindu Marriage. Act is made.

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India is a secular country where different religions are practiced by people. Let us know about different religions in the world:


Hinduism is the most ancient religion of the world. According to the records, Hindu religion has existed since “Indus Valley civilization”. It is believed to be the existence of different Gods as Vishnu, Brahma, Shiva, Lakshmi, Ganesh, Durga, Saraswati, etc.

Hindus have a belief in Idol form of worship that are worshiped as divine. These idols are kept in temples. People visit temples and offer prayers to them thinking them to be the embodiment of God. Some of the phenomenal epics of Hindus are Mahabharata, Bhagavad Gita, and Ramayana are considered as great epics of Hindus. One of the liberal aspects of Hinduism is that anyone who belongs to any religion is permitted to enter temples, read Hindu scriptures, with no obligation of conversion.


This is another very popular religion in the world. Buddhism was initiated by Gautama Buddha. The followers of this religion primarily believe in the principle of non-violence. Buddha has given a discourse about 8-folds paths to control desire. The main objective of this religion is to help individuals to attain “salvation”. The sacred scripture of Buddhism is called Tripitakas.


Lord Mahaveer is the founder of Jainism religion. The religion also teaches about in Ahimsa / non-violence. People of Lord Mahaveer time, used to tell that he was so established in non-violence, then thorns used to become soft, and humans, animals, and birds within 1 km distance of his presence become peaceful, and non-violent. “Devasara” are called as the places of worship of Janis.  According to the teachings of the religion, a person should practice celibacy by not marrying throughout his life. The religion advocates that all types of physical desires must be sacrificed. Jainism religion believes in achieving salvation by way of performing “Sallekhana”.


Islam is another popular religion in the world. Prophet Mohamed founded this religion. It advocates that there is only one God i.e., Allah. Islam doesn’t believe in “idol” form of worship. Followers of the religion believe in isolation of women. Mosques are the places of worship of Muslims.

For all Muslims that follow Islam religion consider “Mecca” to be the sacred place for all Muslims. It is mandatory that every Muslim should observe 5 times prayer daily. It is called as “Kalma”. Ramadan is an important period for every Muslim. They have to keep a fast for the entire month in this month.


Christianity was founded by Lord Jesus Christ. “Bible” is the sacred scripture followed by Christians. These people don’t believe in idol worship. They go to Church to offer prayers to the divine.


Sikhism is preached by Guru Nanak. Their sacred epic is “Adi Granth”. Sikhs go to “Gurudwaras” for worship.

Characteristic of different religions:

  • Universality of Religion
  • Common God for worship:
  • Common Rituals such as Namakaran, Griha Pravesh etc.
  • Antiquity

Negative Aspect of Religions:

Some of the problems caused by religions in the Indian society are:

  • Creates Groups on the basis of religion
  • Frequent conflicts
  • Dogmatism
  • Hinders social change