Essay On Photography

Photography is one of the major interests of people who appreciate distinctiveness, and beauty in their surroundings. Let us know more about the significance of photography. 250 words essay on photography Photography is a process that helps in defining the procedure to create stationary or moving pictures using photographic lens in a camera. It works… Read More »

Essay On Culture

Culture holds a lot of significance. It forms the identity of any nation. When talking about India, the different elements of its vast culture such as religion, intellectual achievements, art etc. has made it a vibrant, and diverse nation. Let us learn more about the culture, its characteristics, and its types in detail. 250 Words… Read More »

Essay On Earthquake

An Earthquake is described to be a terrifying, and shocking phenomenon that takes place on Earth. It shows the fragility of mankind against nature. Though it lasts for just a few seconds but has the potential to cause massive damage to the place. 250 words essay on earthquake Earthquake is a trembling movement that happens… Read More »

Essay On Corona Virus

Introduction Coronavirus belongs to a large family of viruses that have the potential to cause diseases ranging from the usual cold to acute ailments such as MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) and SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome). Let us know more about this virus in detail. Essay On Corona Virus 250 words Who are prone… Read More »

Negative impacts of corona virus

Introduction According to the research performed by the World Health Organization on Coronavirus” COVID-19”, it has infected more than 75,000 people till date, and has led to 2,000 deaths. The study was performed on people in Wuhan, China.  Out of 2000 people who died due to being infected by this virus, 15 were from the… Read More »

Essay On Poverty

Introduction Poverty is referred to as a social condition wherein individuals do not have necessary financial means to fulfill the fundamental needs of life. Let us see more on the causes of poverty, its impact on people and the nation, and measures to eradicate poverty. Essay On Poverty 250 Words Poverty leads to following impact… Read More »

Positive And Negative Effects Of ICT

ICT is Information Communication Technology. It has an essential role in modifying, and modernizing present day’s learning and educational systems. Similar to Information technology, ICT is another technology that helps people to get access to information. It focuses on communication that includes wireless network, internet, as well as communication mediums. Market is filled with a… Read More »

Essay on books

Introduction Books are considered to be the best friend of a man. They are beneficial for evolution of mankind. Books are a powerhouse of knowledge, and information that benefits our life in varied ways. Let us know more about significance of books. Essay on books 250 words Books are one of the best possessions to… Read More »

Essay On Reading

Introduction People who loves books, finds reading as their best companion. You can rely on this hobby whenever you get upset, depressed, bored, annoyed, and lonely. Let us know more about significance of reading. Essay On Reading 250 words Reading is one of the sources of relaxation to the mind, soul, and body. It can… Read More »

Essay On Art

Introduction Art is an ambiguous subject that has plenty of meanings. Where some people think that “art” is a painting or drawing of some sort, others believe it has something more to it. Let us learn more about the different opinions of people have when it comes to defining an art. Essay On Art 250… Read More »