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Positive And Negative Effects Of Advertising


Advertising is defined as a procedure to publicize the products and services of a business to people. It is a kind of marketing conversation that a business adopts to market its offerings in a strategic, and proactive manner. Advertising is considered to be an essential factor to the success, and growth of a particular company. It has its own share of positives and negatives. In this article, we will learn about how advertising impacts society.

Positive effect of Advertising

An effective way to sell your products

A business wants customers who are interested in buying its products and services. To make more sales, a business needs to spread its services to people in such a way that more and more people will learn about it. Advertising is an effective way that helps a business to showcase its services among public. There are different types of methods used to make advertising more appealing and captivating for target customers. Advertising technique is a positive way that a business adopts to highlights the unique selling features of its offerings to customers.

Social Benefits

Another advantage of advertising is its social benefits that it provides to people. Advertisements are not just limited to commercial businesses; this powerful strategy is also used by social workers to highlight several social issues as well as promote liberty of speech in countries that experiences certain kind of restrictions. It is the freedom of advertising-supported content, and speech that promotes several types of social changes in a person.

Economic Advantages

Advertisements make businesses, and companies compete with each other to provide superior quality services and products. The benefits of this competition go to the customers who would enjoy best deals from the companies. Thus, advertising This ensures is a way that boost healthy competition among companies that strive hard to upscale their product quality. With better quality products, customer’s need get fulfilled.

Educates people

There are several advertisements made specifically for the welfare of the public. These ads have the motive to spread the message of gender equality, to stop gender detection before birth, to stop addiction and promote healthy lifestyle, to help people in calamities, to unite people in terror situation, to guard people against any bank frauds and phishing activities, and a lot more. All these advertisements are in the best interest of the public to stay safe, and protected.

Increase Awareness

There are several companies in the market. It becomes time consuming to track the offers of each and every company before buying anything. Advertising is one of the good ways to aware users of the best deals, discounts, and benefits offered by a company. In this way, he can compare and choose the best store to buy products, and services.

Negative Effects of Advertising

Adversely Influences young generation

Several film stars, sportsman etc. are the role models of youth. They imbibe their action and wish to become like them. When these actors and other famous personalities are seen in the advertisement of tobacco, liquor, and smoking, then it creates a negative impact on their followers. Some teens start to perform the same acts and get caught up in bad habits, and behavior. Also, sometimes actors perform risky stunts in the ads, that children, and youths enjoy and get motivated to perform. Such things should not be shown via ads.


Business, in order to compete with its competitors, put their products and services in the best light. However, sometimes what is claimed in the advertisement does not matches the reality. This only leads to disappointment. Such false representation of products, and services betrays people. Looking at this issue, government has formed organizations that caters to the complaints of dissatisfied customers and upon validation of the allegation, charges businesses for hefty fines. This is the way to curb malicious tendencies of businesses that cheats with emotions of people and gain trust from them.

Creates a materialistic world

Advertisements show girls and boys in fancy clothes, with innovative mobiles, posh lifestyle, dressed in fashionable clothes, dining at top restaurants etc. Looking at such ads, children and teens also want to become like them. It deviates people from their goal and get influenced by the materialistic culture. They also start spending money on unnecessary things to feel happy about themselves, look good and impress others.

Creates irresistible desire to buy unessential things

The offers like “Now Or Never”, “Last Chance to Grab The Deal”, etc. creates a sense of urgency in the minds of people. They buy into their tactics and strategies that compels them to grab the products or otherwise they will miss the golden opportunity. This results in useless spending of money.