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Positive And Negative Effects Of Urbanization


Urbanization has become a common trend in developing countries. It is seen as people from smaller countries leave their land and move to developed nations in search of more employment opportunities and better lifestyle. Though, it is beneficial for the growth of the financial and social status and lifestyle of the person, but a loss to his own country.

Rural areas are densely packed and provide greater opportunities for residents to provide higher jobs and ample job opportunities. Though, urbanization has become a natural aspect of developing society, it has its pros and cons. Let us understand about them.

Positive effects of urbanization

Greater Employment Possibilities

The first and foremost benefit of urbanization is generating better opportunities for employment. Urban regions provide more income earning opportunities to people. They can lure people to leave their rural area, and enjoy a higher-paying job and a better life. Where finding a decent paying job in rural area is hard, there are ample employment opportunities for people in urban locations.

The major reason behind increasing employment opportunities is due to industrialization. Due migration of agriculture to production, there is seen reduction of agriculture-based jobs and a rise in the production-based jobs. Tempted by alluring employment opportunities, more and more people are compelled to move to urban locations. This leads to more industrialization and urbanization in the world.

Increase in social status

As people make more money in developed nation / urban locations, it lifts the social status of the person. Better job opportunities enhance the lifestyle of the person. With better employment access you get access to improved medical care, education, cultural activities, communication, social services, transportation networks and trade opportunities.

Urbanization opens up a door of opportunities to people to raise their social standards so that they are no more stuck to social status they were born with. Urban lifestyle is seen to be a lot easier to people. Everything is so easy to access.

Increase in economic development

Urbanization boosts the economic condition of the country. It is closely linked to industrialism that a major reason for economic progress. People are seen to move mostly due to enhanced job opportunities.

With building of more enterprises and organizations, more people will have access to jobs. With more workers, more revenue is generated in the different organizations in the country. This ultimately result in more flow of money and improves economy of a nation.

Better social integration

Urbanization leads to improved social integration. People of varying social layers, races and religions live and work together. Urban cities accommodate everyone without distinguishing them on then above factors. This “living together” results in tolerance, acceptance and better understanding among individuals. Also, there has been found significantly less cultural and social obstacles in cities.


Cities are comparatively modern than rural areas. The food, fashion, ideas, liveliness of urban cities attracts rural people. They want to know more about experience, culture, and the fast pace of city life.

Negative effects of urbanization

Urbanization has several positive effects on the society, but it also causes detrimental impact on the rural area. Some of these are:


When a lot of people move to one single city, then it will definitely make the place overcrowded. Besides commutation, housing also becomes a struggle in such a case. Due to less residential space and growing demands, the price of property starts to increase. Rent rate becomes high and competition becomes unmanageable. The outcome is that people fail to afford to live in urban cities.

Unemployment and Poverty

As more and more people come to urban cities, it results in unemployment, underemployed and poverty. This happens because of increased job applications and less job vacancies. People struggle a lot to make adequate earnings to cope up with the increasing cost-of-living.

Increase in crime rate

Another major disadvantage of urbanization is that people have to resort to criminal activities. Poverty is the cause for crime rise and what leads to poverty is unemployment.

Decline in Agriculture

Due to urbanization, a country moves from agriculture to industrialization.  This results in a decline in agriculture and jobs related to it. Industrialization is what fuels the migration of people from rural to urban sector.


Urbanization is very necessary for the development and growth of a person. It can cause a lot of devastation of the world, but it offers a lot of positive effects on the social and financial aspects of a person. The benefits of urbanization outweigh the drawbacks. It is important for government to find out ways that can help in solving the negative effects so that it becomes a Win-Win situation for both country and the people.