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Positive And Negative Impact Of World War 2


The Second World War began in 1939 when Germany conquered Poland. After the confirmation of the invasion, countries like the United Kingdom and France also declared war on Germany. This resulted in development of hostilities between nations that led to one of the devastating wars in entire human history. The war continued till 1945 AD and almost all the nations in the world took part in it.

Second world war witnessed positive as well as negative impact all across the globe. Though the war assisted the U.S. with the expansion of its economy, and motivated people to make their contributions to the war, but it restricted the food supply and comforts of people. Let us see in detail how World War II impacted the entire world.

Positive impact of World War 2


This war motivated nations to come out of clutches of tyranny, and strive to become independent nations. Many of the nations, including India got their freedom post culmination of the war.

Technological innovations

The Second World War led to several advancements in fields such as botany, physics, medicine and chemistry. All these areas got revolutionized during the period. Several inventions took place during this period, a few of the noteworthy discoveries being radar, space travel, computers etc.

Job opportunities

As the demand for ammunition and armed forces got increased, the US government hired several firms to deal with the logistics. It also resulted in various major job opportunities. Several youths got regular job and better employment opportunities at the end of the Second World War.

Gender Equality:

As more and more economies in the world got mobilized for the war, along with men, millions of women came out of their domestic roles, to assist in the war effort.

Benefited Nepal

In addition to other countries, Nepal was positively and negatively impacted from the World War II. Nepal got changes in economic, social status and politics. The devastating and destructive period from 1939 to 1945 brought major changes in the country post the war.

Due to display of heroism, Nepalese soldiers were recognized with internationally acclaimed ‘Victoria Cross’ award and ‘Military Cross’ award. These soldiers fought courageously from the British side. It also helped Nepal to earn both fame and name for its bravery, and loyalty.

As more and more Nepalese soldiers were hired in British army, it brought several economic opportunities for several Nepalese youths. These people got aware against imperialism, and autocratic rule that assisted the country in the setup of democracy in Nepal.

Negative impact of World War 2


The negative effect of World War II was seen in a lot of accidents and injuries. A lot of soldiers who fought in the battle got died, injured or disappeared.

Atom bomb:

Development of destructive weapons was another major drawback of World War II. The US presidency authorized the organization of “Manhattan project” as a means to develop ammunition for annihilation of Nazi Germany. The development of the weapon resulted in the victory of allies and surrender of Germany.

US decided to use the armaments on Japan and the major cities of it, Nagasaki and Hiroshima. Successful deployment and execution led to the complete destruction of cities, and more than 226,000 fatalities. This development of the atom bomb not just caused a lot of destruction in the World War 2, but also set as a stage for devastation in the future. This move encouraged other nations to build more advanced and destructive weapons.


Hitler has a lot of hatred for Jews. This had been one of the significant reasons for the outburst of hostilities. This aggression led to committing massacre and resulted in the demise of over six lac Jews.

Economic disparities

The Second World War II led nations to become bankrupt. It led to an extreme high federal deficit in the US as the outcome of the war. It has led to the disparity in the economies of the Britain and the US and Britain. Due to World War II, different economic and political effects were observed in the world. Some of them have been are mentioned below:

  • As the entire world’s economy was focused on war, it led to destruction of enormous amount of properties.
  • Destructive atomic powers got developed like atom bomb.
  • More stable politics in the world ensured development of several nations.


World War 2 decimated half of the Europe. A vast section of Germany was in ruins at that time. Poverty became rampant in Germany as well as the major cities of the world. The consequence of World War 2 led to the delay in the essential food supplies. This also resulted in the eruption of famine. Both Japan and Germany suffered from poverty to a significant extent.

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