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Essay on Nature

Nature is a greatest blessing for human life. It has been a source of inspiration for several writers, poets, artists etc. from time immemorial. Now a days people fail to identify it as one. This outstanding creation has inspired people to write stories, and poems in its glory that reflects in their work. 250 Words… Read More »

Essay On Earthquake

An Earthquake is described to be a terrifying, and shocking phenomenon that takes place on Earth. It shows the fragility of mankind against nature. Though it lasts for just a few seconds but has the potential to cause massive damage to the place. 250 words essay on earthquake Earthquake is a trembling movement that happens… Read More »

Positive And Negative Impacts Of Dams On The Environment

Introduction Construction of dams have been done since the time of human civilization. The first dam was built by the King Seti in 1319 BC. Those ancient dams are operational till today and offer the much-required water for hydropower and irrigation. Building of dams need loads of natural resources and materials. It also has a… Read More »

Positive And Negative Effects Of Globalization

Introduction Globalization is referred to as a procedure through which incorporation and collaboration of nations, firms, and people take place throughout the globe. It is the outcome of the investment, international trade and outsourced manufacturing.  All of them are assisted by information technology, that focusses on bringing varied economies at a single place. Globalization is… Read More »

Essay on global warming

Introduction Global warming is referred to as the slow increase in the temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere. Global warming quickly melts ice glaciers. This is very dangerous to not just the planet but also human beings. Let us see more on global warming in detail. 250 words Essay on global warming Global warming is an… Read More »

Essay on Climate Change

Climate Change – 250 and 500 Words Essay Index Introduction 250 Words Essay on Climate Change 500 Words Essay on Climate Change   Introduction Climate change refers to changes in the condition of climate on the planet. There are several reasons for it such as solar radiation, change in the orbit of Earth, plate tectonics,… Read More »

Essay on Pollution – Intro , Short Essay, Long Essay

Pollution – 250 and 500 Words Essay Index Introduction 250 Words Essay on Pollution 500 Words Essay on Pollution Introduction Pollution is defined as an introduction of pollutants or impurities into the environment that results in an adverse change. There are several ways in which our environment can get polluted. Some of them being the… Read More »