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Advantages and Disadvantages of Uber

Introduction Uber has brought a dramatic change in the personal transportation industry. This change has resulted in advantages and drawbacks for drivers and customers. Advantages and Disadvantages of Uber 250 words This personal transportation service offers all advantages of a traditional taxi service with added conveniences. Uber provides flexibility to drivers to earn as per… Read More »

Growing up with a single parent essay

Introduction For several years, children who grow up by a single parent have been seen as different. Compared to earlier days, a single-parent family system has become more common and prevalent in society. 250 words With the increasing rate of divorce cases, more and more families are becoming nuclear. Children are deprived of the affection… Read More »

Use Of Biotechnology In Daily Life

Use Of Biotechnology In Daily Life Introduction Biotechnology applies to several products used daily. To put in a more specific term, biotechnology uses micro-organisms and enzymes to make bio-based products. It is extensively used in various sectors, a few of them being chemicals industry, food industry, detergents industry, paper industry, textile industry, and bio-fuels industry.… Read More »