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Negative Impact Of Fake News

Introduction Fake news is a baseless information that is projected in the form of real news. All it does it to deceive people. Any false information when represented as true is termed as fake news. The primary objective of fake news is to earn money by getting more likes/ shares/ comments, to misguide people, to… Read More »

Essay On Fake News

Introduction Fake news refers to invented, fictitious or fabricated news. It is like an invention or a lie that is created without any credible information or facts. Fake news is a false rumor, that may not have any impact on a small scale or a casual topic, but can have determinantal effects when it is… Read More »

Positive and Negative Impacts of International Migration

Introduction Migration is a phenomenon of moving between cities, states or countries in search of higher studies, work opportunities, or better lifestyle. People are generally seen to migrate from rural to urban regions for enhancement in different spheres of life. A majority of people are seen to migrate from their developing country to developed country… Read More »

Positive and Negative Effects of Religion

Introduction India is a secular country where people have liberty to follow any religion of their choice. It is the country where people of different religions such as Hinduism, Muslim, Sikhism, and Christianity, stay together. However, religion has positive and negative impact on the people. It brings everyone together. People with the same religion forms… Read More »

Positive and Negative Effects of Welfare

Introduction Welfare is basically a government run program that provides financial assistance to individuals, and groups who are unable to support themselves. By this program, an individual or family manages to pursue an improved living standard, job assistance, and educational opportunities. Besides these positive advantages of the Welfare Program, there are a few downsides too.… Read More »

Essay On Love

Introduction Love is one of the most beautiful feelings in the world. Almost every individual has experienced in his life. Whether it is in the form of parent love, sibling love, spouse love, or grandparent love, it is a special feeling that can’t be put in the worlds. Here is an essay on love that… Read More »

Positive And Negative Effects Of YouTube

Introduction YouTube is an open platform for everyone. One can upload anything on this social media website. Users share whatever they get to see on this website and create videos that are spread across various social networking channels. In this manner, YouTube serves as a positive outlet for viewers who can form communities and exchange… Read More »

Essay On Friendship

Introduction Friendship is important to build long lasting relations. It is based on mutual trust, care, and honesty. Such emotions strengthen your connections with people. Let us learn more about the significance of friendship in life. Essay On Friendship 250 words There is nothing more important than having a true friendship. In this world of… Read More »