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Positive And Negative Effects Of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence provides innumerable benefits to the modern world. But just like any other technology, it also comes with its own share of disadvantages. AI is smart enough to automate human tasks but it lacks emotional intelligence. It does not have any ability to figure out the background and influence its decisions. This technology can… Read More »

Positive And Negative Effects Of ICT

ICT is Information Communication Technology. It has an essential role in modifying, and modernizing present day’s learning and educational systems. Similar to Information technology, ICT is another technology that helps people to get access to information. It focuses on communication that includes wireless network, internet, as well as communication mediums. Market is filled with a… Read More »

Positive and Negative Effects of Robot

Introduction Robotics, based on Artificial Intelligence, is an intelligent machine with small parts or components. It is used in various fields such as manufacturing, rescue missions, search functions, in the military, in factories, in self driving cars, and other automobiles etc. Robots are programmed to be highly efficient to replicate humans and achieve excellence to… Read More »

Positive and negative effects of Mobile Phones

Introduction Mobile phone occupies a significant place in everyone’s life. It does a good job in making our life easier. With a smartphone, you can do calling, texting, booking a cab, order food, shopping and a lot more. Due to this multipurpose device, more and more people are addicted to it. Mobile Phones have both… Read More »

Positive and Negative Effects of Internet

Introduction Internet is a global network of interconnected networks of computers. It makes it easier and quick for people to access information sitting at any corner of the world. Introduction of internet has digitized the society. Its use has increased in our daily life. It has resulted in complete transformation in availability of knowledge, social… Read More »

The Positive And Negative Effects Of Television

Introduction Technology is in everything that surrounds us. We live in technology. It helps in making life easier. Before the advancement of technology, television has been the primary source of entertainment for people. Nowadays almost every household has television sets. Watching television can result in impacting your emotional and behavioral aspects of people. Where it… Read More »

Positive And Negative Effects Of Globalization

Introduction Globalization is referred to as a procedure through which incorporation and collaboration of nations, firms, and people take place throughout the globe. It is the outcome of the investment, international trade and outsourced manufacturing.  All of them are assisted by information technology, that focusses on bringing varied economies at a single place. Globalization is… Read More »

Positive And Negative Effects Of Technology

Introduction In the current globalized world, we are exposed to different types of technologies around us. Technological development is not restricted to a specific sector. It impacts various industries and sectors of the society. From tablets, phones and personal laptops, to advancements in science, education and medicine, technology comes in different flavors. In comparison to… Read More »

Use of Artificial Intelligence in daily life

Introduction Not many people are aware of “Artificial Intelligence”, however, they use this technology in day to day life. Whether you are reading an email, starting your new business or getting driving directions, AI helps people in every aspect of life. Let us learn about ways in which this technology is used in day-to-day activities.… Read More »