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Advantages and Disadvantages of Uber


Uber has brought a dramatic change in the personal transportation industry. This change has resulted in advantages and drawbacks for drivers and customers.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Uber 250 words

This personal transportation service offers all advantages of a traditional taxi service with added conveniences.

  • Uber provides flexibility to drivers to earn as per their own schedule. He can be his own boss. He can drive little or more as per his requirement.
  • Uber offers flexibility to customers as they simply need to turn the application anytime whenever they want the service and book the cab.
  • With the introduction of personal transportation services like Uber, you can easily book a taxi via your smartphone from any area.
  • The best part of choosing Uber is that it is secure for passengers. Uber services focuses on making traveling comfortable and safe for its passengers.
  • Another reason to choose Uber is its cost effectiveness. You will notice that it is far cheaper than traditional taxis. There is the different in the charges that a traditional taxi charge and the Uber pricing system. If you choose ride sharing or carpool in Uber, then it will become a lot cheaper. Also, you will find that lesser disputes are seen to happen in Uber than any other traditional taxi service.

Talking about the drawbacks of Uber service, it has significantly reduced the market of traditional taxi services. It has seen in the form of reduced overall profit of drivers. Another disadvantage of this service is that Uber does not have a fixed pricing system. It can increase the ride fare during festivals, New Year and other occasions depending on the supply and demand.

The convenience of booking, security, affordability and comfort of ride, makes Uber the preferred transportation option for people.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Uber 500 words

Gone are the days when you had to compete with other people to get into a taxi. It was a challenging task to get a taxi during the rush hours in the morning and evening. Introduction of Uber has simplified the personal transportation system for a common man. Traveling in Uber offers various distinctive benefits to people compared to an ordinary taxis system.

Convenience and Cashless

Uber have made structural modifications to the traditional industry. Earlier individuals who needed a cab had to wait for the taxi to arrive. This was a waste of time. In place of chasing a taxi on a street, Uber users need to simply use an app to book tickets from any location.

Their fast service assures user of quick arrival of cab within a few minutes. By linking your debit / credit card to your Uber app account, you can make an instant payment. This eliminates the need to carry money. Users will get the receipt via email.

Professional Service

In most of the major cities in the world the entire taxi industry is controlled by the government. Most of the cars used for personal transportation are recent models. They are well maintained as well as chauffeured by experienced drivers. Services like Uber ensures that driver have proper commercial level insurance coverage.

Once an Uber driver agrees an assignment, passengers can track the position and route of the driver, and also communicate with the driver if required. A driver learns the destination of the passenger when the fare begins. So, if the passenger wishes to commute to any undesirable areas of town, then a taxi driver can’t refuse it.

Being a reputed and professional personal transportation service, Uber remove out unprofessional drivers. This is done on the basis of the ratings that passengers provide for the performance of a specific driver. Driver who exhibit rude, arrogant and aggressive driver will be removed from the position.

If a driver has been getting consistently low ratings, then Uber will replace that incompetent driver by a skilled one. In this way, passengers can be assured of getting the most experienced, professional and skilled drivers.


Safety is one of the major benefits of riding in Uber. As the transaction is cashless, there is no requirement to cash that may allure a robber. When you book a ride in Uber, you can be rest assured that your peace of mind and security is taken care of.

Competitive Pricing

Uber is comparatively less expensive as compared to traditional car and taxis services.

Disadvantages of Uber

Surge Pricing

“Surge pricing” is a key annoyance for most of the customers. It is a pricing method that involves increasing or decreasing prices as per the demand and supply of customers.

Trip Cancellations

Sometimes due to unavailability of taxi or any other reasons, drivers cancel the trip. This causes disruptions to a plan of a passenger.

Negative Impact on driver’s earning

Drivers rely on the surge charges to compensate for infrequent trips and low fares. However, due to price competition and regular hiring of new drivers by Uber, it impacts the average earnings and morale of drivers. They need to work for longer hours to earn a sustainable income.

Adverse impact on traditional taxis

Due to cheapest service, Uber is giving a tough fight to traditional car and taxi services in the form of losing customers and failing to earn regular income.