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How Can Early Rising Benefit You?

Essay on Benefits of Early Rising


By setting your alarm a little earlier than planned can immensely benefit you on physical and mental levels. Waking up early may result in a better, and happier you.  Below we have outlined the various advantages that you will start to experience by rising early.

250 Words Essay on Benefits of Early Rising

It is a good habit to rise early morning as there are several benefits associated with it. The first and foremost benefit is that it saves a lot of time. In the morning, the mind is more alert as compared to the rest of the day, and there is very little disturbance. Due to both these reasons, a person tends to accomplish things faster.

Early rising is very beneficial for both mental and physical health. Early morning hours are the best time to study. You will see that whatever you read at this time stays in your memory for a longer time. Your concentration is at the highest level that helps you cover more portion in less time. It makes you efficient.

Also, many health experts suggest performing exercise early morning as it will keep you energized throughout the day. You will feel fitter, healthier and attractive by following a daily routine to exercise early. An early riser gets to breath pure air and admires the beauty of nature. Breathing pure and fresh air free from pollution impacts our health in a myriad of ways. Every cell of your body gets filled with the fresh oxygen supply. This makes a person healthy, rejuvenated and vitalized.

Waking up early morning is also the best time to communicate with the Almighty and do self -introspection, and meditation. This is the time when you feel a deep spiritual connection with the Supreme power and experience an ocean of bliss and fulfillment in life. In my opinion, it is the best way to start your day.

500 Words Essay on Benefits of Early Rising

Getting up early morning is a healthy practice that impacts a person socially, physically, and mentally.

Better Grades

There is a direct impact of early morning study on the performance of a student. It has been noticed that students who woke up early morning to study, have scored better grades and significantly higher marks in their exams. These students consistently kept securing a higher average GPA compared to their night owl counterparts.

Early morning study when done regularly, and consistently also helps a student to manage his time well. It also sets their internal body clock in a circadian rhythm that supports his overall sleep health and promotes sound brain functions.

Organizes your life

By getting up early morning, you can finish a lot of time before time. This gives you time to relax. You become more systematic and organized in executing daily operations. By starting to work early, you can finish our task soon so that you can invest more time in yourself in doing activities and hobbies you enjoy.

Positive Outlook

When you wake up early you will feel elevated, high in spirit and uplifted. You will be more peaceful, quiet and joyful inside. It has been seen that people who sleep early and wake up early carry a positive outlook towards life. You will find enthusiasm and liveliness that along with positive mindset help them achieve success in various aspects of life.

More organized

Early rising makes you sophisticated and better organized. By being systematic in planning your day, you gain more clarity in your tasks that helps you succeed in accomplishing your objectives.

Better problem-solving ability

In the early morning, your mind is quiet that gives you more focus and strength to work out your problems. It is the best time to analyze things. At this time, your mind is sharp that makes it easier to find solutions to your problems as well.

Less Traffic

When you get off to work early you will have to encounter less traffic that makes commutation hassle-free and easy. Absence of chaos, distractions, and disturbance in the early morning enables you to manage your time effectively. You reach your workplace in a peaceful and calm state and not in a hurried state. Whether it is your board conference, seminar or a meeting with the client, arriving office a little early than usual will lower your anxiety and stress and help you effectively prepare your milestones for the day. A little sooner when you reach work, you will be able to plan your day better. The best part is that you will carry the same calm mindset throughout the day.

More Quality Time To Your Family

Early risers are seen to enjoy a better work-life balance. This is because by arriving at work early, you tend to finish your work fast and reach home early.  Spending time with family gives internal satisfaction and happiness. It adds fullness to life. It gives much-needed support and strength.  You get a good amount of time to relax and unwind yourself with your loved ones in a relaxed setting.

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