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Effect of school bullying on children essay


A lot of children and teenagers become a victim of bullying in daily life. Bullying affects people beyond their imagination. While some children face the situation bravely and fight back; others just crush down into solitary and introvert individuals.

Often, the victims of bullying are compelled to take dangerous steps. These kids suffer from issues while they grow up. The impact of bullying remains with them throughout life. In this article, we will see how school bullying impacts the life of a child.

Effect of school bullying on children essay 250 words

School bullying has become very common nowadays. It leads to severe repercussions.

Anxiety and depression

Children who have bullied face depression on several different levels based on the severity of bullying. A majority of children do not speak about it at home. Parents are required to keep a track on the behavior and interaction of the child to find out any signs of the problem.

Children who get bullied don’t feel comfortable discussing it. They like to keep it to themselves. This increases depression and anxiety in them that leads to serious issues. It hampers the personality development of the child. He becomes timid and prefers to stay in his shell. The parent must become friends with their children so that they do not hesitate to share their problems.

Changes in eating and sleeping patterns

That feeling of insult disturbs the student. Those thoughts keep getting replayed in their mind. This deprives them to sleep or eat properly. Many times, those traumatic memories leave them restless and scared.

Lack of interest in studies

Children who are bullied at school can’t fall asleep due to fear that they will have to face the same humiliation the next day. They lose the interest of going to school and that negatively impacts their studies and academic performance.

A feeling of loneliness and sadness

A common impact of bullying is the sadness and loneliness that fills up their mind. Kids who are bullied at school spend less time with siblings and parents. As they go through a lot of stress and disappointment, they are also refrained from mixing with their classmates. The fear of getting bullied makes them recluse.

Reduced academic achievement

Due to the loss of interest in studies, they tend to pay less attention to studies. This is reflected in their report cards. They score less and lag from others.

Effect of school bullying on children essay 500 words

Bullying at school is a worldwide problem. It causes various adverse effects on the mental functioning of the child that in turn affects their lives to a large extent. Hundreds of children suffer from bullying at school every day. Bullying is a worldwide issue that can have short term as well as long term impact on its victims. This phenomenon is described in the form of aggressive behavior that is characterized in the form of an imbalance of power.

Types of school bullying

Bullying can occur in several forms. Direct bullying includes bullying at a physical level that comprises of stealing, slapping, pushing, kicking, and damaging possession of someone. It also includes verbal bullying as name-calling, making insulting remarks on religion, appearance, etc., spreading rumors, making fun of social and economic status, and more.

Indirect bullying includes purposely attempting to destroy someone’s reputation, lying, expelling a person from a group, making a negative body or facial expressions and gossiping about someone.

The recent type of school bullying is “cyber-bullying”. It consists of bullying using technology, like email, social networks, and text messages.

Signs of a bully

  • Some of the signs of bullies include getting confident, aggressive, and possessing an intense need to dominate.
  • Bullies tend to control people.
  • Bullies choose weak children who can be overpowered verbally and physically. Their target is children who are quiet, fearful, anxious, lack self-esteem and passive.
  • They are willing to abuse and use people to fulfill their motive.
  • One of the reasons behind such type of behavior is that they belong from physically abusive and poorly managed homes.

How does bullying impact its victims?

Victims of bullying perceive them as a failure. They either feel stupid or deserve to get bullied. Bullying can impact a student on physical, mental and emotional levels. Some of the effects comprise anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, lack of self-esteem, gastric issues, relationship issues, and addiction to alcohol and drug.

Most of the victims need years of treatment and therapy to get over their psychological trauma caused by the bully. In extreme cases, school bullying can even cause suicidal thoughts in the victim. Chronic bullies carry this kind of behavior until their adulthood. Their ability to build and keep positive relationships is negatively influenced.

How can school bullying be prevented?

Due to these severe repercussions of school bullying, schools must take necessary preventive measures to curb it. Setting up an anti-bullying assembly program during and after school hours can help.

A questionnaire can be provided to students to learn about the types of problem they face in the school, and the school climate, etc. Students with the support of teachers can build class rules to prevent bullying. Formal role-play sessions can teach students how to deal with bullies strongly without tolerating any of their advances.

These programs also help students to teach them how they can aid victims and improve the school atmosphere.  Many states have passed anti-bullying regulation to address harassment, bullying, and intimidation in schools. These laws promote the safety of the school, enhance truancy rates, and decrease school violence.

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