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Essay and Meaning of Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind

Explanation of Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind : Albert Einstein

Most people today don’t connect science and religion together. They think there’s nothing common between them. Science is something that is proved day by day. On the other hand, religion is all about belief on things that can’t be seen, just experienced. In fact, for a long time, both of them were considered to be the rivals. But today, people realize that science and religion go hand in hand. They are more united than everyone previous considered. In their own different way, they complement each other instead of contradicting each other. To be true, they are different ways of looking at the same thing.

This quote by Albert Einstein suggests the very same thing. In this quote, he talked about the equal value of both religion and science. They share a common point. In the article that carried this quote, Albert Einstein was being abstract and philosophical in the time when pro-science and non-religion weren’t as mainstream as they are today. In that article, he tried to speak objectively and truthfully without tripping the wires on an extremely emotional.


For a long time, people believed that Sun circles the Earth and that the centre of the universe is Earth. When Galileo suggested otherwise, saying Sun is the centre of the universe and Earth revolves around the Sun, the Catholic Church reacted to it and put him on the trial. Later, when the Church realized that he was right, they apologized to him. This led everyone to believe that science and religion are in competition.


One other similar incident happened with Charles Darwin when he came forward with the theory of evolution. People believed that God created life in six days and humans are greater than any other organism. However, Darwin said that evolution is a long and ongoing process and that humans are as important as other living creature. These incidents clearly depict the difference and clash between science and religion.


One must always rationalize and understand why it is correct for believing on something. Any claim that is made has to be demonstrated and defended to others in a way that they could understand. Even though a demonstration is a scientific process, religion comes in handy when it comes to making people rely on something greater so that it can be converted into an acceptable faith.


The domain of science and religion is different from each other and yet, there is a strong correlative relationship and dependency between each other. The goals might be determined by religion, but science has taught it the means that help in attaining those goals. Those who are thoroughly aspired by truth and understanding which springs from religion can create science.


Science teaches us to carefully read the theories presented by the religion, analyze them critically, look for contradictions and question them. Science means knowing the truth and the feeling and longing of knowing the truth is an inference of religion. You can’t blindly follow the faith in religion and science can’t explain everything. So, science can’t function without the foundation of faith in the order of the universe whose order is maintained by the energy of the Almighty.


“Religion without science is blind” means we must always verify what is written in the scriptures. Science is essential. It ascertains what actually is, what is not and what should be. On the other hand, religion deals with evaluating human action and thoughts. The quote expresses the thought that personal development and scientific progress goes hand in hand. Religion is about pursuing the highest quality of an individual like improving one’s speech, thoughts, and actions. Religion teaches you to use your faith and science demands to gain knowledge and look into the logic behind everything.