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High-School Essay

Essay on Bullying in High School

Bullying is undoubtedly a complex phenomenon, to the spread of which many factors contribute. For example, the need to be the centre of attention, the need to form a group and to show one’s own strength by attacking others.

All these reasons have something in common: loneliness, for example, the absence of families, which should perhaps be better explained as the absence of a good and proper education. The absence of dialogue, from which the construction of education undoubtedly originates, and the impotence of parents in the face of the new media, are undoubtedly among the main causes of the spread of bullying. For example, a well-educated boy, brought up with sound principles, may make mistakes, like everyone else, but is unlikely to be the protagonist of truly regrettable episodes. If we talk about homophobia and racism, then education becomes even more important, maybe even overwhelming: a bully may have been well-educated, but for one reason or another he may have done things he regrets, so we might not blame the parents.

Bullying is not an invention of our time: acts of abuse have always existed and it is not only in recent years that we hear about children who beat each other up or offend each other. However, the problem has become more serious today because of the new tools that teenagers have at their disposal, with which they think they can do anything: publishing photos, publicly insulting, harshly criticising. To clarify, it is as if they are not aware of the means of dissemination with which they are dealing: and it is precisely on this that parents, as well as educating their children regardless, should intervene.

In conclusion, society is facing an innumerable series of challenges. Not everything can be blamed on the state, which in some cases can only intervene in a punitive and not preventive way; but it is a change at the base that must be set in motion: A change that has to involve parents and teachers, so that children and adolescents, despite having the need to feel strong and part of a group, and therefore promoting bullying, are directed towards other paths and other ways of doing things. In this way the system can change and, violence episodes decreased.