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Artificial intelligence – 250 and 500 Words Essay




If a machine can successfully pretend itself to be human, then you must consider it “intelligent”. Systems based on artificial intelligence are now used in daily routine in several fields such as medicine, economics, military, engineering and also in several commonly used software applications, conventional strategy games and many more.


250 Words Essay on Artificial intelligence

Types of AI systems and their applications

Artificial intelligence is demonstrated by any artificial entity as a system that is commonly assumed as a computer. You can find AI systems in your daily life such as software apps, video games and computer chess games.

Different categories of artificial intelligence systems

Normally, an AI system is classified into two main groups. These are Conventional AI and Computational Intelligence.  Let us know more about each of these classifications.

Conventional AI

Conventional AI is seen to involve methods that are classified in the form of machine learning. It is characterized by statistical analysis and formalism. This is referred to as neat AI, logical AI, symbolic AI, or an old-style Artificial Intelligence.

Computational Intelligence

Computational Intelligence, on the other hand involves learning or iterative development. Learning is linked to non-symbolic AI, soft computing and scruffy AI based on “empirical data”.

Areas of application of AI methods and systems

Following are some of the areas of application of Artificial Intelligence:

  • Pattern recognition
  • Handwriting recognition
  • OCO or Optical character recognition
  • Face recognition
  • Speech recognition
  • Natural language processing
  • Translation
  • Chat bots
  • Non-linear control
  • Robotics
  • Computer vision,
  • Virtual reality
  • Image processing
  • Cybernetics
  • Game theory
  • Strategic planning
  • Automation
  • Intelligent agent
  • Hybrid intelligent system
  • Automated reasoning
  • Intelligent control
  • Data mining
  • Cognitive robotics
  • Behavior-based robotics
  • Evolutionary robotics
  • Behavior-based robotics
  • Knowledge Representation.

Use of AI in Game Playing

There are several AI machines on the web that can be used to play expert level chess in just a few dollars.

Use of AI in Speech Recognition


One of the uses of speech recognition feature offered by AI is in airlines where the city names and flight numbers are easily recognized by the devices to make it convenient for people. With AI based systems, it becomes possible to easily instruct computers via speech.


500 Words Essay on Artificial intelligence

Benefits provided by Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has brought a grand transformation to all the different spheres of life. Some of these areas that are linked to human life are economy, employment, warfare, communication, security, privacy, healthcare, ethics and a lot more. As every technology comes with its own share of benefits and drawback, same is the case with AI. However, advantages offered by this technology outweigh its disadvantages that shows it has a promising market in the future. AI is leading humanity in the direction of making the Earth a safe and better place for living. Let us see some of its benefits in detail.

  • The modern age computers are seen to have reached the stage where artificial intelligence can provide commands to a mechanical device built with electronic pre-fed memory and AI attachments. With the increasing use of AI development, more and more robots and autonomous systems have taken birth. This has significantly replaced human labor. The current day robots are being used in most of the dangerous, time consuming, laborious, and repetitive tasks performed in the industry.
  • Several industries have started taking help of AI based systems to perform tasks such as painting, fitting, welding, in assembly-oriented components such as motorcycle, cycle and car manufacturing.
  • With the use of AI enabled robots, the entire motorcar industry has witnessed benefits in the form of quicker and improved production where bulky objects are raised, welded, fitted and bolted in precise angles, specs and torque within a definite period of time.
  • Underwater activities are considered to be the toughest areas because of the water pressure that keeps on increasing beyond the tolerance levels of human under depths of 100 ft. of water.

Such levels the water pressure can easily damage human innards. Electronically controlled AI devices comes with an inbuilt mechanism that have been found to be remarkable under such conditions.

  • Computers are nowadays fed with a wide range of software accomplishing varied goals. The astrological software provides definite conclusion to brides and grooms regarding their compatibility.
  • AI systems are also useful in the field of accounting. There are several accounting packages build with AI functionality, that stores details of income and expense to provide a properly managed balance sheet that includes Tax liabilities of a firm or an individual.
  • Banking sector is also not untouched with the incredible benefits offered by AI technology. Banks use highly sophisticated AI based software that connects them to all their other branches located outside and within the country. This helps people to deposit, withdraw and perform any other financial or non-financial transaction at any branch irrespective of the branch in which their account is.
  • Another industry that has been benefitted by AI technology is Indian Railways. You can see high end systems that interconnects all the booking offices together. This assists a passenger to easily book tickets or refund their amount at any booking office located in the country.
  • Present age cars are introduced with computer-controlled fuel injection and ignition systems that has the power to monitor their fuel efficiency, check faults and wheel alignment. This not just saves time but also increases accuracy of a machine.
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