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Essay on Birds of the same feather flocks together

Birds of the same feather flocks together – 250 and 500 Words Essay


This is a very popular and commonly used proverb in daily life. This proverb means that people who exhibit similar habits or character are seen to always accompany each other. People who have same interests, nature, likes and dislikes are attracted towards each other. They like to spend time with people who share similarity with them. The phrase helps in highlighting the gist of mingling and working together. The character of a person is also determined by the people he spends his most of the time.

250 Words Essay on Birds of the same feather flocks together

You can see groups of birds and sparrows flying together in the sky. You will hardly see any combination of a sparrow, a buzzard, a seagull, a crow or a cardinal flying together. This shows that birds bearing the same feather i.e., the same qualities, flock together. They hang out in flocks as they feel safe when they flock in numbers. Flying together assist birds to remain safe from its predators. A single bird can be an easy prey for a cat to get attacked.

However, when a cat or a predator sees the bird in groups, then it is less likely to attack them. In this way, flying in groups of ten or more, gives safety to birds. Also, birds who have same feather or birds of same species behave in the same way. So, the proverb “birds of same feather flock together” describes set of people who have similar interests hangs out together. They prefer the company of people who are at same frequency with them.

Similar to this nature of birds, humans also behave in the same way. So, the proverb implies that when it comes to human, they also show the same characteristics. It shows how humans gel with the ones with people who share similar character, habits, and interests. People are like to be with the ones who do similar things, similar interests, belongs to same culture and can very easily join together. Sharing the same tuning and mentality is important behind socializing. The character of a man is known by friends also. So, it is easy for a person to guess the character and habit of a person by his friendships.

500 Words Essay on Birds of the same feather flocks together

This proverb tells about the nature of birds, that to a large extent also indicates the nature of human. It is a type of metaphorical phrase, that relates bird’s character with human character. Witnessing birds flying together in the sky is very common sight. They move, flock and feed together. You hardly see a sparrow to fly with a pigeon or a flying bird with a group of water birds. It is not possible to see a group of ducks with an eagle. This implies that attributes, traits and characteristics are all very important for two persons to get along with each other. In terms of human beings, it shows that people who bear same nature, beliefs, thinking pattern, ideologies and taste flock together.

You can’t force two persons of different mindsets to mingle with each other. It won’t fit at all. People are willing to make associate and make friendship with others who share the same character, and tendencies. It can be emotional behavior, analytical skills, regional and cultural belief, extrovert or introvert nature etc. You feel at home and at ease when you are with the ones of nature that matches it with yours.

Similarly, birds have a tendency to fly to long distances in flocks. They only go with their species, as it gives them a sense of safety and comfort to travel. Same this happens in the case of humans. They are also governed by the same rule. Those having similar interests and habits form friendships. They are likely to get associated with one another. They may not feel comfortable with the ones who bears a different character. So, to have a long-lasting friendship, it is important to select people who have similar outlooks, and character. Such groups will tend to share more depth, and understanding abilities, that will accompany them in their long-run.

Birds are mostly seen to fly and flock together. Those who are of the similar type only flock together. This is because of the higher comfort level that makes them flock together and enjoy their company. This doesn’t happen with species that doesn’t fit into their nature. You must have noticed this phenomenon in your life as well. Take a look at your friends with whom you spend most of your time. They generally hang out with the ones who share similarity with you and also like the things that you do. It is natural for the ones with similar type of mental attitude and behavior to form associations and hang out in groups.

This proverb has got a very deeper meaning. It states that the character of a man is determined mostly by the kind of company that he keeps. A drunkard won’t feel comfortable with the company of intellectuals, religious and refined men. A wicked person can go well with people of same nature. Company of a person also has a significant impact on people. A company of civilized and noble people will make one more refined and vice versa. So, the man’s character is enhanced by the type of friendships he forms.

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