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Essay on books


Books are considered to be the best friend of a man. They are beneficial for evolution of mankind. Books are a powerhouse of knowledge, and information that benefits our life in varied ways. Let us know more about significance of books.

Essay on books 250 words

Books are one of the best possessions to mankind. It provides a lot of information on a wide range of topics that enriches your knowledge. Books strongly influence the life of a person. It works as an excellent mood enhancer, and stress buster. After a tiring day at work, spending some time reading your favorite book will recharge you. This is the power of books.

The territory of books is massive. You will find books on a wide range of topics that includes science, literature, health, history, fiction, language, culture, art, sports, civilization, fashion, architecture, spiritual, technology, cartoon etc. Where some books are for entertainment, others are meant for some serious reading. Books are focused to enrich our learning, and knowledge. They give a valuable insight into different aspect of life of people.

Books on adventure, and travel infuse a spirit of adventure, and fearlessness in people. With the advancement of technology, many modern versions are available to access books. This made it easier for people to enjoy it on a computer in the form of e-books etc. where senior people or elderly people are mostly fond of traditional sources of book like physical books, younger generation find e-books an interesting way to read books.

Readers have the ability to adjust the size of letter as per their reading convenience.  Also, they are far better option to carry with them on a trip. You can find a vast repository of free to download available on the internet. You are relieved from the burden of carrying them with you.

Essay on books 500 words

Books are beneficial for people useful in several ways. They entertain, educate, and serve as a good companion at the time of loneliness. Books guide us when we are confused. They act as an inspiration to us when we are feeling down or depressed. Books fulfill the need of a best friend. It comes to us to console us to lighten our sorrow. In company of books, we never feel alone. Reading books is a great way to relax and lessen your stress. Spend a few minutes reading on topics that interests you stretches your brain muscles, and ensure its healthy functioning.

When it comes to reading books, different people have varying tastes and preferences. As one grows, their interest and liking chances. Where a child can be interested in drawing, picture or cartoon books, as he grows older, he may develop other areas of interest like language, science, health, religion, fiction, politics, culture, literature, travel etc. Reading novels has been a pleasant pastime for people. It provides you an escape from the hustle, and bustle of the life.

In the modern age, where people are addicted to social media, and spend precious time in useless activities like chatting, and uploading photos, books are a meaningful investment of person’s time. The company of informative books is what a person needs to enhance his knowledge, and personality. Book is a source of distribution of useful ideas. It is an impactful tool to promote the findings / conclusion of research in different areas of knowledge.

Good books not just informs you, but also enlightens you. They lead you towards the right direction. You will find no other better friend than a good book. Reading books improve your personality. It enhances your vocabulary, and grammar skills. This, in turn, makes you a better conversationalist. There are several experienced writers, matured minds, and philosophers who have written best seller books.

Their creation is one of the best ways to access their valuable ideas, suggestions and thoughts that can enlighten and guide you at the trying time of your life. There are books that entertains, thrills, and enthrall people as per their taste. Being a reservoir of information, and knowledge, books help in spreading across progressive views among people. You can find books in various different languages so that people in any country can read it and get benefited by it.

In this way, books serve as a blessing to mankind. They are the gold mines, of valuable knowledge discovered by our ancestors after years of meditation, or modern thoughts of recognized writers. This treasure needs to be cherished, and promoted. To get benefited by this immense knowledge, requires us to practice reading. It is definitely help in broadening our interest, and outlook and enrich our thoughts. You get understanding on varying aspects of life, and get an inspiration to accomplish great things in life. Where self-development books help you fight against the odds bravely, spiritual books awaken our soul, shape our character, and fill our heart and minds with benevolent thoughts.