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Essay on Child Labor – Intro , Short Essay, Long Essay

Child Labor – 250 and 500 Words Essay


Any kind of work that takes away the potential, dignity, and very vital the childhood of any child is referred to as child labor. It is linked with jobs that are considered to be damaging for the mental as well as physical development of a child. Unluckily, statistics shows that the maximum number of cases related to child labor happens in India every year.

250 Words Essay on Child Labor

About Child Labor

Child labor has become very common in today’s society. We can see children below 14 years age employed in different types of jobs. This situation is seen not just in India but also in abroad where children gets exploited by unorganized and organized sectors of industry.

This issue is prominent in dominating nations like India wherein families that belong to weaker or poor sections forces their children to work to bring home money in place of making them educated. Such children become an easy catch for organizations that are in search for cheap labor.

As per an estimate, around seventy to ninety million children in are engaged in industry work. This is the data received from Indian organizations. Out of all children who are employed in the organizations, only 15% of them are officially accepted by “the Child Labor Act” remaining 85% are illegitimately employed.

What are the reasons behind Child Labor?

Absence of social security, poverty and hunger are the main causes behind child labor. The increasing gap between the poor and poor, neo-liberal financial strategies and privatization of organizations are some of the causes due to which a large segment of population isn’t able to meet their essential needs.

This influences children more as compared to other age groups. One of the significant concerns is that a vast number of child workers goes unnoticed. There are government laws that have been enacted to protect youngsters from all types of unsafe and risky tasks. Unfortunately, these laws are ineffectual and are not executed correctly.

500 Words Essay on Child Labor

About Child Labor

Child labor is an acute problem which the society is facing since many decades. It is has taken a form of a serious social problem all across the world. Spreading the awareness in the society about this issue will aid in avoiding such inhuman and illegal activity to occur and also save the life of many children from getting destroyed.

Child labor has been seen to have eliminate all those activities that a normal child engages in. Activities like learning, playing, etc. are replaced by economic activities. It can be any kind of unpaid or paid work that benefits the entire family of a child and the organization as well. The age limit is limited to 14 years for common works and 17 years in case of risky works.

Laws pertaining to Child Labor

The development of a country starts with the wellbeing of its citizens. At an age of playing will dolls and toys, these tiny tots are forced to indulge in hazardous activities and risky working conditions. This not just takes away their innocence but also deprives them of any childish fantasies. To curb this widespread social issue and promote welfare of children, government can made laws against illegal exploitation of a child under the age of eighteen.

Child labor is dependent on the child’s age, kind of job, hours required to be devoted per day to get the job done. There are several projects launched by the government to lessen child labor activities such as providing free and quality education to children and taking strict measures against all those who endorse child labor. Child labor in any form comes under a recognizable criminal offense. “Indian Child Labor Act”, enacted in the year 1986 and the modification of CLPR Act, 1986 bans employing children under 14 years of age.

Such children shouldn’t be employed in the form of a domestic assistant. Though, children that falls between the age group of 14 and 18 are put under the category as ‘adolescent’. They can be employed only when it doesn’t violate the “Factories Act, 1948”.

Reason that contribute to Child Labor:

Children are forced to engage in labor due to financial issues and poverty that is making the entire family to suffer. Due to no other alternative, children at a young age start to earn livelihood for their family. The sorrow of these child laborers is that many organizations pay them very less money as salary and there are even some organizations who do not pay them at all. These owners treat children like their slaves and also separate them from family to get the job done.

In most of the cases, children are made to perform such difficult and laborious tasks by their negligent and careless parents. They are held responsible for sending their children for domestic activities for earning money and food. Such demanding jobs not only spoils their childhood but also snatches their joyful and carefree childhood.

Another reason that is responsible for child labor is because of schools in their society that charges high fee and are beyond their reach. So, absence of good and affordable schools also contributes towards this issue. Due to which parents are compelled to prevent their children from sending to schools.