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Essay on Climate Change

Climate Change – 250 and 500 Words Essay



Climate change refers to changes in the condition of climate on the planet. There are several reasons for it such as solar radiation, change in the orbit of Earth, plate tectonics, volcanic eruptions, etc. Climate change is a concern over a few decades in the past. Changes in the climate pattern has taken a form of global concern. There are several factors that leads towards climate change. This change impacts the life of people on the Earth in several different means.

250 Words Essay on Climate Change

Climate change is regarded as a change in the climate pattern that is a result of internal and external forces. External forces can be defined as the change in the orbit of Earth, change in solar radiation, plate tectonics, volcanic eruptions, etc. It can also result due to human activities like carbon emission, greenhouse gases etc. Internal forces are defined as the natural procedures that happen within the entire climate system. All of these includes the variation in ocean- atmosphere variability and the existence of human life on the planet.

Climate change has a negative influence on the wildlife, forests, polar region and water systems on the planet. There are various species of animals and plants that have become extinct due to the variations in the Earth climate.

Human activities like deforestation that is performed for the use of land for commercial purposes results in an increase in the presence of carbon in the entire atmosphere. It has been seen as a major factor behind climate change. It is required to keep a track on all activities to control changes in climate and ensure harmony in environment.

Causes that leads to changes in climate
There are a few major factors that leads to changes in climate. These are as follows:

Solar Radiation
The energy that emits by the sun and reaches the Earth. This energy is carried to different areas of the planet via ocean currents and winds. It is seen to be one of the major reasons behind climate change.

Human Activities
Modern age technology has contributed towards emission of carbon content on the planet. This has resulted in an adverse impact on the climate. In addition to it, the plate tectonics, volcanic eruptions and orbital variations even bring modifications in the climate.

500 Words Essay on Climate Change

Changes in climate is seen as a modification in the method of distribution of the usual weather conditions present on the planet. When such change stays for a decade or a century, then it is known as climate change. There are various factors that contributes towards it. Let us look at all factors that contributes towards it and results in climatic change.

Consequences of Climatic Change

Effect on Wildlife and Forests
Various plants and animals have got extinct due to the climatic change. There are several others that are on the edge of getting extinct. With the bulk extinction of trees, a lot of forests are near to diminish.

Effect on water
Climatic changes have an adverse impact on water system. It results in melting of erratic and glaciers rainfall patterns. This in turn leads to an imbalance in the environment. It is essential to take such climate change seriously and effectively to control human based activities that contributes to such change.

Factors that cause climate change

Solar Radiation
The speed at which the energy of sun gets received and gets spread in the space is what decides the balance in the climate and temperature of the planet. The ocean currents, winds, and other forms of mechanisms take this energy throughout the globe. This reduces the impact of climatic conditions in varying areas. Short-term and long-term modifications in solar intensity plays an adverse effect on the entire global climate.

Orbital variations
Even little modifications in the orbit of Earth modifies the distribution of sunlight obtained on the surface. There are 3 types of sun’s orbital changes. This includes modifications in the eccentricity of Earth, precession of axis of the earth, and change in the angle of tilt of the Earth’s rotational axis. These factors lead to Milankovitch cycles. It has a major impact on the climate of Earth.

Volcanic Eruption
The volcanic eruption known to influence the climate of Earth is the one that explodes more than 1 lakh ton of Sulphur-dioxide in the stratosphere. All such types of eruptions have a cooling impact on the atmosphere of Earth for the coming few years. It partly restricts the spread of radiations of sun to the surface of Earth.

Plate Tectonics
The movement of tectonic plates configure the oceans and land on the Earth. It produces topography over several million years. This results in modification of the worldwide climatic conditions.

Effects of climate change

Effect on Forests
Forests acts as a home ground for several plants and animals. It helps in maintaining the environmental balance on the planet. However, modifications in the climate results in the destruction of forests in several regions.

Effect on Water
The water system present on the planet has got disturbed due to the change in climate. The pattern of rainfall has got erratic that leads to extreme weather conditions like flood and drought. It also causes melting of glaciers.

Effect on Wildlife
Changes in climate is seen to be a major danger for the existence of several types of wild species. It has led to various species of wild plants and animals to have got cut and several are on the edge of extinction.

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