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The D-8 Organization or Developing-8 for economic cooperation is an organization designed for development co-operation among countries such as Egypt, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Nigeria, Malaysia, Iran, Turkey and Pakistan.

250 Words Essay on D-eight conference

Basic objectives of D8 conference
The primary objectives of organizing and executing a D-8 Organization for economic cooperation is to enhance the position of member nations in the worldwide economy. It aims at diversifying and creating new avenues in the areas of trade relations. Enhanced participation of nations in forming decisions at international level, is followed by improvement in the living standards too.

Due to its composition of member committee, D-8 is considered to be a global arrangement in place of a regional one. Organization for economic cooperation is a setting without causing any adverse impact on multilateral and bilateral vows of the member nations, originating from their association to other regional and international organizations.

The major aim of conducting the D-8 conference is for the improvement of the positions of developing nations in the entire world economy. It diversifies as well as creates new opportunities in the areas of trade relations. In addition to it, this conference also aims at enhancing participation in the overall decision-making process performed at the international level.

This helps in providing improved standards of living. The prime areas of co-operation include various sectors such as banking, finance, science and technology, rural development, agriculture, humanitarian development, environment, health and energy.

The initial declaration of the summit was held in Istanbul, in the year 1997. The primary objective of the D-8 conference was mentioned as social-economic development of developing nations as per the below mentioned principles:

  • Priority to peace in place of conflict.
  • Democracy in place of oppression.
  • Dialogue in place of confrontation.
  • Cooperation in place of exploitation.
  • Equality in place of discrimination.
  • Justice in place of double standard.

500 Words Essay on D-eight conference

Learn about the History of D-8 conference in detail
D-8 conference is also commonly called as Developing-8. It is an organization developed with an aim of development cooperation. Many countries are participating in this organization. These are Bangladesh, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia, Nigeria, Pakistan and Turkey. The founding of D-8 got announced formally on 15th June, 1997.

The fundamental objectives with which D-8 association for financial cooperation is to enhance the position of member states in the entire global economy, maximize participation of developing nations in decision building at global level, expansion and generation of new openings in trade, and increase in the living standards.

The 5th D-8 Conference Declaration was held in Bali, in the year 2006 that produced following things as the outline of the conference objectives:

  • Commitment towards work to resolve the issues related to economic disparities lying within the countries.
  • Reaffirm commitment so as to improve co-operation in the areas of energy to build renewable and alternative resources of energy.
  • Emphasize the significance of D-8 in the contribution towards the financial development of member countries. It ensures that the conference promotes worldwide trade.

The basic behind the establishment of D-8 conference

The sole purpose of organizing D-8 conference was to bring cooperation among key Muslim developing nations. It was proposed by Professor. Dr. Necmettin Erbakan, who was the Turkey Prime Minister at that time. This idea was put by them during a conference on “Cooperation in Development” that took place in Istanbul country in the year October 1996. The group intended cooperation among nations ranging from Africa to South East Asia. Representatives from various countries such as Bangladesh, Indonesia, Egypt, Malaysia, Iran, Pakistan and Nigeria participated in the seminar. This conference was considered to be the prime step towards the formation of D-8 conference.

It was after several preparatory meetings that the D-8 got legally set up and started its actions along with the “Istanbul Declaration” that was delivered at the conclusion of the conference of chiefs of government and state held in Istanbul on 15th June, 1997. Malaysian Ambassador “Dato’ Ku Jaafar Ku Shaari” is presently the “secretary general” of the Developing-8 organization along with its secretariat that is based in Turkey- Istanbul.

Structure of a D8 organization
The Developing 8 organization is organized into 3 main bodies such as

  • The Summit
  • The Commission
  • The Council

The Summit is convened in every 2 years that has got the highest authority. It is composed of all the heads and influential members of each participating state. The Council is seen as the body that is responsible to taking the fundamental decisions in an organization. It considers issues pertaining to the D-8 conference, and is also composed of the various foreign affairs ministers belonging from each member state.

The D8 commission has an executive authority that comprise of commissioners selected by the management of each of the member states. All these commissioners promote obedience with directives mentioned in the D8 conference in their respective countries. Lastly, one executive director is selected by all D-8 committee members to ease communication and act in a supervision capacity at each lower-level assembly or summit.