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Drug are addictive in nature. Its addiction is seen as a serious brain disorder. Despite its adverse effects, it is considered as compulsive usage of drugs. Drug addiction is defined as a state where a person is unable to control his urge to use drugs. Besides being chronic, it also has a relapsing nature.

250 Words Essay on Drugs

Factors that leads to drug addiction
There are several reasons why teenagers and youths from all parts of the globe are addicted towards drugs and other types of substance abuse. To deal with drug addiction effectively, it is important to learn about the causes that leads to it.

High level of stress
This is the biggest reason behind drug addiction. Stress can be due to various reasons. Youth who have moved to different countries in search of job, generally face issues to adapt to the new environment. They are more susceptible to get caught in the clutches of drugs.

Social Pressure
Another important cause behind drug addiction is peer pressure. As we are living in an extremely competitive age, it becomes very essential to grow in the world. Due to peer pressure, a lot of teenagers and young people feel the pressure to consume drugs, alcohol and smoke. For young people, it is difficult to ignore this peer pressure otherwise they will feel neglected and isolated in the group. To prevent such happenings, they get into forming a habit of consuming drugs.

Existing mental condition
Another major reason to try drugs is the present mental health of a person. People who are weaker on emotional levels have the tendency to feel depressed. They search for means that sets them free and live life as per their choice. In that situation, they begin consuming drugs and slowly it becomes an addiction.

Psychological Trauma
A lot of drug addicts holds psychological trauma as the cause behind substance abuse. Around 75% of people who suffers from psychological shock, uses drugs to get cured. It is perceived as a self-medicating strategy to deal with their self-destructive behavior.

500 Words Essay on Drugs

What are the major impacts of Drug Addiction?
Drug addiction is categorized as a brain ailment that modifies the entire functioning of brain. It is an irrepressible urge to consume drugs, due to which addicted people indulges in obsessive behavior to consume drugs. The addict feels it unbearable to stop consumption of drugs, due to which they fail to perform their daily responsibilities efficiently. As the addict forms a dependency for specific drug substance, its addiction is also mentioned as “drug dependency”.

Some of the commonest signs of development of drug addiction are as follows:

  • obsession with a specific substance,
  • losing control over the use of drugs,
  • abandoning all those activities that you have been enjoying earlier, etc.

Drug addiction can have a long-term influence on life. It can develop acute symptoms like trembling, fatigue, anxiety, depression, insomnia, headache, sweating, chills, changes in behavior, paranoia, poor coordination issues, nausea, dilated pupils, etc.

There are several negative consequences of getting addiction to drugs. Most of them are seen on physical, mental and psychological levels. The impact of drugs on a person are profound and wide. Let us see each of them in detail.

Emotional Effects
The psychological influence of drug addiction comprises of craving of the drug. Some of the emotional impacts of drug addiction are depression, mood swings, anxiety, violence, reduction in day to day activities, confusion, hallucinations, and psychological tolerance towards drug effects.

Physical Effects
Drug addiction cause a lot of physical effects on the person. It includes irregular heartbeat, heart attack, respiratory issues, lung cancer, contraction of HIV, kidney damage, abdominal pain, brain damage, liver problem, seizures, changes in appetite and stroke.

The influence of addiction to drugs does not remains limited to a specific body organ but affects various other organs of the body. Excessive use of drugs weakens immune system. It also enhances one’s possibility to getting infected.

Brain and Liver Damage
The presence of drug in the body deluges the brain with chemicals like dopamine and serotonin. The brain gets very much dependent on the drugs and can’t able to function properly without them. The impact of drug addiction is also seen in newborns of drug addicts and then affects their life.

Drug addiction causes the liver of the addict to work a lot harder. This causes a lot of damage the liver of the addict. It hampers the brain function, adversely impact daily activities, impairs decision making ability, creates mental confusion, reduces memory and cause permanent damage to the brain.

Legal Consequences
Drug abuse causes negative impact on the mental and physical health of an addict, but can even lead to legal consequences. Individuals need to deal with these consequences throughout their life. Several firms nowadays require their employees to pass drug test prior to getting hired. Driving under the impact of drugs can even result in serious lawsuits, and heavy penalties too.

By understanding all the physical, mental and legal impact of drug abuse, individuals can form informed decision with respect to their health. When it is related to drug addiction, it is never late to ask for an assistance. You can take help of drug rehabilitation centers that offer help in combatting addiction of drugs in a completely supportive environment.

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