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Essay On Fahrenheit 451


Fahrenheit 451 is a popular book regarding a society that relies on technology to a significant extent. The idea of making this book was generated in the year 1950 by Ray Bradbury. Let us know more about this story and how it depicts the future society.

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Fahrenheit 451 is a futuristic fiction written by Ray Bradbury who narrates about the future society wherein television is replaced by books.  In such a society, there is limited personal freedom. Harmony, and order are present at the cost of individual rights. In this novel, the firefighters move across the different places in the house in search for literary productions. Ray Bradbury has expressed his anxiety about the role television, and radio has played in causing attention deficit order in young, and adult people. This story also alerts readers about the dangers of multitasking.

On finding them, they need to destroy it. The reason behind it is that books are not benevolent for people. They are hazardous for the mankind so should be done away with. This whole fiction story revolves around this belief, and notion. Sadness comes by this kind of belief. The primary character of this novel, Guy Montag, is playing the role of a fireman. His main purpose is to burn books in place of stopping them from burning. He realizes deep within that people on the Earth lead a superficial life. They are keen to change it. No one understands him. He spends most of the time watching television, or listening to the radio.

This novel promotes ignorance. According to Bradbury, the presence of loud music, advertisements, fast cars etc. have created a modern lifestyle where there is a lot of stimulation. No one has time to put their attention on something for longer periods of time. Under such a scenario, books are seen to be a dangerous weapon that doesn’t result in anything good in people.

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Fahrenheit 451 is defined as a temperature that the paper of book catches burns, and fire. The novel is written by Ray Bradbury. It is a science fiction novel, and is written from the eyes of a 3rd person. Fahrenheit 451 is a story of a fireman that burns his illegally owned homes, and books of his owners. Guy Montag, the chief character of this novel is a 30 years old futuristic fireman. He is accountable for burning all the books and homes.

The key points of this novel are when a woman choose not to leave her books, and house when Montag and a few other firemen visit the house to burn all the books in the house. Knowing that her house will be set on fire, she doesn’t leave the house. She herself lights a matchstick and set her house on fire with herself. The entire incident has increased the interest of Montag in reading books as he got overwhelmed by the idea that someone can be so devoted to books, that they can stay in a burning house just to safeguard their priceless possession in the form of books.

Guy Montag has dealt with a key conflict in his mind, that even after several years of burning books, he realizes that he was living a sad life in a controlling society. He used to see his wife spending the whole day sitting and viewing television. She has no interest in reading books, and so could not agree to his husband on reading books. This has caused an internal conflict within Guy Montag.

He starts to feel that their life has become meaningless, and has lost its purpose. He wanted to share his opinions about books with his wife, but could not share his interest with his wife. He had finally tried to take her life by attempting suicide by over consuming sleeping pills. Mildred leaves the house as well as her husband. Guy Montag went against society rules, and also continued to reading books. In the culmination of the story, Captain Beatty, and Montag got into a clash because Captain Beatty learnt that Montag has broken the law by reading the books. Beatty had given orders to the fireman to burn the books. Guy Montag kills Captain Beatty in the end.

The prime character of the novel “Guy Montag” is easily influenced. Though he obeys the society rules, he also lacks the knowledge regarding the significance of books. He burns unethical houses, and books but later realizes the value and importance of books. Each and every character in this novel contributes to the significant change in the thinking of Montag. Guy Montag has been depicted as bold and brave throughout the plot. The novel depicts how the society is going to be in the 24th century. The entire novel gives a terrifying vision of the future. On comparing the present society with the future society, you can easily find several similarities. Reality television shows, losing a sense of connection with nature, and real people, sitting all day in front of monitors, and phone screens, always in search for new facts, not analyzing and thinking, not reading real books is harming our present generation. Looking at these damaging signs, we can predict the onset of future.