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Essay On Fake News


Fake news refers to invented, fictitious or fabricated news. It is like an invention or a lie that is created without any credible information or facts. Fake news is a false rumor, that may not have any impact on a small scale or a casual topic, but can have determinantal effects when it is on a critical topic or spread on a large scale.  Fake news can have variety of forms. Some of them have been listed below:

On Politics

One of the major areas where you can see fake news is politics. The most anticipated time for such news to spread is when the elections are nearing. One of the reasons for this type of news is to degrade the reputation of a political leader, or a political party in the eyes of people.

Such news is spread by people with malevolent intentions who want to demean your reputation and want their party to win. People who have selfish motives or vested interests are seen to misguide people by promoting fake news in this manner. The irony is that this type of news spread like a fire and gets several comments, shares, and likes. Ignorant people fall in trap of these news, and take erroneous decisions.

On Any Sensational topic

Another type of fake news is to create a sensation in the minds of people. This is done as a means of publicity. People who want more viewers on their website, or make money through advertisement revenue adopt this publicity stunt. One of the examples of such type of fake news, is a person getting injured in an accident while playing any famous game like Pokemon Go.

It can also be related to a scandal of any top personality in the world who has gained a lot of reputation in the industry. The headline of such news is so catchy, that it creates a curiosity in the minds of people. So, they visit the website, and falls into the trap of the inventor of that fake news who makes thousands of dollars from the huge number of shares, and likes.

Stages a celebrity

Every celebrity wants some attention. Fake news related to any celebrity is often seen when their film is going to release soon. This is a type of their advertising stunt that they do to come in news, and gain visibility among public. One of the examples of such type of fake news is when a fake post claimed the famous actor Leonardo DiCaprio wanted to shift to Baie-Saint-Paul, QC for some time to live on a farmland.

This news was completely fake that got shared numerous times, and made the actor as well the magazine (that promoted the news) popular. This type of publicity stunt is sometimes done by magazines who want to get famous by getting more visitors, or by actors themselves to become famous. The interesting thing about such news is that looking at the success of this news, various other magazines post the same fake news but features a different celebrity.

To sell something

Some people create fake news and promote it on the internet to sell any product. It can be related to any health product or any other. One of the examples is that “lose weight by eating an ingredient in the night”, “sleep better with these capsules”, “miracle diet plan to shed kilos in just a week”, “grow hair in a month with these oils” or “get slim without exercise by consuming these tablets” etc.

Maximum number of such fake news are on most searched issues on the internet.  The inventor of fake news uses the statistics, and tries to trick people. They have the intention to promote his product and make more sales.

Creates fear

Some fake news even at creating fear in the minds of people about their survival or any unexpected event to happen in coming time. Collapse of Earth, presence of evil clowns, possibility of terrorist attacks etc. Such posts get thousands of shares by people on different social media channels. Such type of false rumors are widespread in public, and have raised doubts and fears in people throughout the world.

Fake news regarding any myth and conspiracy

There are several myths on the Web that are baseless, and don’t have any scientific backing. Such types of myths also circulate widely throughout the internet, and social media. You will also find an enormous collection of conspiracy videos on YouTube that misguide people.

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