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High-School Essay

Essay on Fast Food Consumption

Health Problems caused by the excessive consumption of fast foods have assumed epidemic proportions all over the world. Given that, it is claimed that governments should increase taxes on fast food for reducing its consumption. In my opinion, while it is certainly an effective solution to impose higher taxes on such kind of food, I also believe that governments should encourage daily exercise.

Firstly, it is true that in the past 50 years, with the advent of fast food, the number of obese people has dramatically increased. The high percentage of preservatives, fat and sugar makes this kind of food extremely harmful for human organism. Recent studies have shown how fast food is strictly related to obesity. For example, demographics research suggested that almost 70% of the population in the USA (which is the country of origin of fast-food branches) is overweight and almost 40% of people are obese.

Given that obesity has become a widespread issue, governments should take serious measures. One of them can be impose a higher tax on the consumption of fast food. In this way, fast food will become less affordable economically and, as a result, its consumption would be discouraged. Although this can be an effective method to tackle obesity, I think that also daily exercise should be encouraged by governments. For example, reducing the cost of a gym or providing park equipment for exercising would probably encourage a healthy lifestyle. For instance, the Switzerland government is encouraging persistently to exercise every day providing free equipment in the parks and, as a result, there is a low rate of obesity.

In conclusion, if governments do not take measures to tackle the problem of obesity it is highly probable that obesity rates will increase persistently. However, the example of countries such as Switzerland suggests that the measures presented in this essay can provide a possible solution.