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Essay On Friendship


Friendship is important to build long lasting relations. It is based on mutual trust, care, and honesty. Such emotions strengthen your connections with people. Let us learn more about the significance of friendship in life.

Essay On Friendship 250 words

There is nothing more important than having a true friendship. In this world of selfish relations, having a true friendship is a true blessing. Friendship is viewed as one of the strongest bonds that any person can wish for. A genuine friendship makes your life fulfilling and worth living. The support of a true friend by your side is the only essential thing that one would want in their life.

Lucky are the ones who get to have reliable and authentic friends in their life. Friendship is a devoted relation between any two individuals. Friendship is undeniably one of the best relations in the world. It is nourished with the feeling of immense affection and care for one other. Friendship sets the base of every relation.

It is one of the treasures in life that gives a sense and purpose to live life. Living alone can make you feel bored, and depressed in life. A true friend serves as a true companion that takes you out of zone and makes your life enjoyable and thrilling. He is that support system with which you can share anything without any fear of judgement and rejection.

Friendship is a pleasant, and sweet experience in anyone’s life. It is a valuable asset in life. There are certain times in life when we get lost in the constant need to prove our self-worth, there a friend helps us by showing us the right direction. A person who has a good friend in life will never feel alone, sad or depressed.

Essay On Friendship 500 words

True friendship is that feeling of sharing, caring, and love. You can count on them. You have an assurance in your heart that no matter what there are certain people who would understand you and appreciate your true worth. You would not find any signs of showy attitude, sweet-talk, and conceited behavior in true friendship. You feel a sense of worth. One of the most important aspect of friendship is that you can depend on them in your good and bad phase.

We meet several people in our life, but only a few of them choose to stay with us forever. Those are true friends who don’t leave our side through our thick and thin. Treasure them as they are the most beautiful gift from God to us.

They turn out to be your actual support system, a guide, a mentor when everyone else show their friend. With a true friend by your side, you get the assurance that you can easily sail any trying phase of your life. Why a true friendship last for an entire life is because it is based not on caste, race, qualification, wealth, religion creed etc.

It is only based on two good hearts that appreciate each other completely and are willing to stay with one another for the whole life. It is a commitment that is not made by society, or by birth, it is a decision by based on their choice.  It is a special tie of affection, and love.

A true friend fills your life with happiness and makes it easy. We don’t want to pretend someone who we are not or do things to impress people. A true friend will accept all your flaws and makes you feel appreciated. We all human being strive for this type of freedom in any authentic relation.

Men is a social being. He is designed in a way that he can’t live alone. That is the reason why friendship is an essential requirement in life. It is one of the outlets to share our sorrows and joys in life. The reason why people rely on their friends more than their family is because friends are of their age, background, interests, mentality, character etc. so they understand them and their problems better. They form an essential part in a happy life.

Friendship not just increases happiness, but also diminishes misery. It doubles the joy of people and reduces the grief in people. Friends are required at every phase of life. There is no limit to it.  However, it is very important to make a wise selection. Sometimes people can mask their true intensions to fulfill their selfish motive from the friendship.  You need to keep in mind that all that shines is not gold.

So, test them well on the grounds of their mental behavior, outlook, attitudes, loyalty, etc. before you include them into your life. Where you find fair friends only on your sunny times, true friends stick to you through thick and thin.  From strength, and patience to persistence and loyalty, true friends teach a lot to us to make us evolve as a good human being. So, have good friends in life and succeed in each and every phase of life.