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Essay on Global Waste – Intro , Short Essay, Long Essay

Global Waste – 250 and 500 Words Essay


As per the statistics, each household in the world produces near about one ton of rubbish on an annual basis. This equates to approximately 27 million tons every year. This amount has been increasing year by year, due to the increasing affluence, changing lifestyle and desire for convenience. About one fourth of the waste present in the dustbin of an average household is nothing but packaging waste.

Throwing away things leads to wastage of resources. It not just results in wastage of energy and raw materials required in making goods but also a significant amount of money too. Disposal of waste result in huge impact on the environment and even cause severe issues.

Reduction of waste implies less consumption of energy and resources, less impact on environment, and saves a considerable amount of money too. There are several things that can be done to lessen one’s waste, like calling local doorstep collections to recycle paper, plastic and glass.

250 words Global Waste Essay

Present condition of Global Waste in the world

Presently, there are about two billion tons of solid waste produced on an annual basis worldwide. According to the estimation performed by The World Bank, the overall generation of waste is going to raise to 3.4 billion tons by the year 2050. So, to save the Earth from such disaster, it is important to realize the significance of proper waste disposition.

Why is “waste” a major global issue?

The danger that waste poses to the environment, leads to enormous health and safety issues. In addition to it, there are also social and financial consequences of it. Pollution running into rivers, goes into ground water. Clogged drains due to garbage leads to flooding and the entire atmosphere gets poisoned due to the toxic discharge that results from trash.   

What happens to all the garbage in the world?

Garbage that sinks into the landfill starts to decompose in a sealed environment. Lack of bacteria in the waste leads to the production of methane gas. When it is allowed to collect underground, then it can be highly dangerous and inflammable. It also acts as a potential greenhouse gas effect and contribute towards global warming.

How does global waste management services help in elimination of waste?

Companies offering global waste elimination services fulfill environmental responsibilities by management of waste in an affordable and environment friendly way. Collection, recycle and dispose of materials, lessens the requirement for virgin resources, reduces the expenditure incurred on waste disposal and also assists in conserving landfill space.

Some of the types of waste recycling services offered by them includes scrap separation of metals, crush and aggregation of concrete, reprocessing of wood, crush and re-use of drywall, reprocessing of cardboard, recycling of soil, melting and reusing glass etc.

500 words Global Waste Essay

What is the environmental impact created by Global waste?

Disposal of waste materials has a major impact on nature and contribute to acute problems. A lot of waste gets buried inside the landfill sites that includes holes in the underground. Sometimes the waste material even gets rotten. In this process, it starts to smell fowl and produce methane gas. This gas is explosive and hazardous in nature that can contribute towards causing the greenhouse impact. Leachate formed as a result of waste decomposition can lead to pollution. Poorly managed landfill places can cause litter.

Burning waste can lead to issues as plastics generate toxic substances like dioxins while burning. Gases generating from incineration results into air pollution. It contributes to occurrence of acid rain. Looking at these issues, government has come up with active campaigns against incineration of waste. There are several authorities that are actively involved in eliminating issues due to waste incineration. Besides governmental initiatives, ensuring a clean, unpolluted and waste free community is also the responsibility of every single person.

Throwing away things cause wastage of resources in terms of energy and raw materials used in making them. Reduction of waste saves from causing harm to the environment, saves resources as well as saves money.

What should be the ideal strategy for waste disposition?

To do this, it is important to identify recyclable materials and divert it from land fill. Follow it with developing affordable programs for efficient recycling. This two-step process will definitely help in meeting environmental responsibilities effectively.

How can an ordinary person contribute towards reduction of global waste?

There are several things that can be done by people towards stopping global wastage. Recycling is one of the aspects of waste reduction. Besides recycling, there are some simple ways that can be taken to preserve environment from getting harmed. These are as follows:


  • Refuse to purchase things that is not required
  • Avoid all types of disposable products that are designed for “use and throw”.


  • Purchase items that are well prepared and last for a long time.
  • Purchase things only in returnable containers. Return them once they get empty.
  • If you have sufficient storage space and money, it is beneficial to purchase items in bulk amounts. This will reduce the need for the packaging material.
  • Try to refuse purchasing overly packaged goods.
  • It is a good practice to carry your own shopping bag so that you don’t require plastic bags.
  • Opt for rechargeable batteries as this will eliminate the need for recharging your electrical appliances. Also, you will save on batteries.
  • Choose mailing service as it will lessen the quantity of junk mail that you receive at your doorstep in hard form.


When buying products, prefer refill packs as they need less packaging.


  • Old clothes, toys, books, household goods and unwanted gifts are quite easy to get reused. You can donate them to any charity organization or sell them in a jumble sale.
  • Envelopes can also be reused. You can use them again with a simple “reuse printed or plain label” or use this envelope as a scrap paper.