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Healthcare – 250 and 500 Words Essay


Healthcare is described as the identification, cure, prevention as well as management of an ailment, injury, illness, and the safeguarding mental and physical well-being in individuals. Healthcare services are generally offered by allied health care professionals and medical practitioners.


250 Words Essay on Healthcare

Factors have influence attitude of people towards healthcare
Healthcare services in India are influenced by a set of factors. Some of them have been mentioned below as:

Technological advancement:
Technology advancement is one of the main reasons for sudden impact in healthcare delivery. With new and latest technologies, it has become easier for people to identify and treat their diseases accurately. This makes it quicker for patients and healthcare professionals to benefit from health care system.

Economic factors:
Due to economic downturn all over the world, the present government has introduced healthcare agenda and policies that has made more and more people to lose their job and get unemployed. This is leading people to become depressed and other form of mind related issues. The way the government reacts to these problems is going to determine the level to which the overall well-being and health of population will be ensured.

Social factors
Social factors such as discrimination, inequalities etc. can cause people to get mentally ill and depressed. This is seen specially during the times of recession, when they get discriminated by their friends, family and colleagues. Due to job loss, people tend to socialize less and prefer isolation that results in adverse effect on their mental and physical health.

Political factors:
A new government comes up with its new healthcare mission to accomplish their policies and strategies about health improvements and restructure. Present day government wants to reduce cost due to which healthcare benefits for citizens especially allowance for elderly people have seen a drastic reduction.

Environmental factors:
Change in environmental conditions such as snow, flooding and heavy rainfall makes people ill fast and reach out to doctors frequently. This leads to spending a lot on medication. The government also spend more on providing effective healthcare provisions and systems and emergency services to make sure people get the best level of health care facilities that they deserve.

500 Words Essay on Healthcare

Role of healthcare services
One of the key factors that determines the wealth of the nation is the health of its citizens. Healthcare is an essential need of the society as injuries, illness and emergencies requires hospitals to identify, treat and effectively manage all these occurrences. It is a fact that without healthier, longer and happier life, it is hard to manage the desires and aspirations of people.

The entire healthcare industry gets bifurcated into various areas to fulfill the health requirements of population at large. Throughout the world, the services provided by the healthcare industry will thrive and expand till the time man survives on this planet. This makes this industry an enormous element of the economy of a country.

The World Health Organization has described health policy as a series of plans, actions and decisions made and carried out to accomplish specific healthcare related goals in any society. The fundamental objective of these policies is to set a vision for coming years to establish reference points and targets for the small as well as medium term.

Health care is defined as any task undertaken to enhance the physical, social and mental state of people. It includes a wide range of activities that includes disease prevention, health promotion, comforting and long-term care and creative care rehabilitation. Healthcare services helps in maintaining as well as restoring health of a person by means of any treatment or disease prevention.

Healthcare is an enterprise or a field that is concerned with equipment information, and supply of services for the restoration and upkeep of health of a person. It is mandatory for a professional who has been assigned the task to provide healthcare services to be licensed and trained.

It goes for all departments of healthcare such as medicine, clinical psychology, public health and dentistry. A healthcare provider who delivers healthcare services can be an institution or an individual that offer curative, preventive, rehabilitative and promotional healthcare services systematically to families, communities and individuals.

Before taking any healthcare service, it is very important for people to know who is paying for these services. One of the ways is through government funds. These funds assist people who have low incomes. Such programs are normally called Medicaid and Medicare. Medicare programs are nationalized programs that are executed by the government who is responsible to funding eligible individuals.

These programs provide coverage to people who are 65 or more than 65 years of age. Also, people who are below 65 years but have some disabilities like last stage renal stage illness, can benefit by this program. Medicare services provide services in 3 parts. The first part aids in covering inpatient care and nursing facility.

The second part covers outpatient care, preventive services and service offered by a physician. The last part covers the entire cost incurred on prescription drugs. Medicaid healthcare service, is meant for people who falls under low income groups and can’t afford healthcare insurance. Medicaid programs typically cover outpatient and inpatient services, long term care and physician services.