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Essay on Internet – Intro , Short Essay, Long Essay

Internet – 250 and 500 Words Essay


The Internet is the worldwide system of computer networks that are connected to each other. It uses the Internet protocol suite to connect to devices all over the world.


250 Words Essay on Internet


What are the key utilities of an Internet?

The World Wide Web

  • It is a segment of the internet, that provides support for hypertext documents. With these documents, users can easily view as well as navigate different kinds of data.
  • A webpage is also called as a document that is encoded using HTML or “hypertext markup language” tags.
  • HTML enables web designers to connect content together through the use of hyperlinks.
  • Each and every web page on the internet has got a unique address and a URL or uniform resource locator.


  • Electronic mail is one of the popular reasons for people to use the Internet.
  • It is easier for them to create, receive and send, e-mail messages. To perform these tasks, it is required to have an e-mail program as well as an email account present on the mail server of the Internet.
  • To be able to use an e-mail, a user should possess an e-mail address. This address is created by the addition of the user name to the domain name of the e-mail server.


  • Internet is one of the best sources to acquire news related to any topic such as politics, sports, movies etc.
  • You will find thousands of newsgroups on the internet, each of them presenting discussions on a particular topic of interest.
  • It is important to have a newsreader program in order to participate in any newsgroup. Users can upload their posts for others to read as well as reply to them.

File transfer protocol


  • File Transfer protocol, also popularly called as FTP is a popular internet tool that is useful for copying files from a single computer to another computer.
  • FTP is very handy to find as well as copy software articles, files, and more. Universities as well as software firms that use FTP servers offer visitors with data access.


500 Words Essay on Internet

What are the benefits of using internet in daily life?


The major benefit that internet provides to its users is the quickest communication that is not possible by any other means. With internet, people can communicate instantly via emails, video calls, etc. It is possible to access any region using the internet.

Any person located at any nook and corner of the world can access it. With the reduction of global issues, video conferencing has also become possible where each and every person across the world can communicate with others easily and instantly.


The internet is considered to be the source of knowledge. You can find a large amount of information in it. One can easily access information on a wide range of topics that includes education, market sales, government laws, shares, stocks, new creations etc. from one place.


The internet has become a very important part of an education system. With online learning sessions, a student can easily learn education at the comfort of the home. This turns out to be more cost effective and convenient mode to learn. Teachers can easily upload their teaching videos on the web and get it accessed by everyone all around the globe. This is really helpful for students.


The internet has become a popular means of entertainment. There are tons of entertainment resource available online on the web. Internet is a large collection of movies, videos, songs, games etc. that are available for free. In addition to it, social networking also becomes quite easy for people who use internet. There are so many social networking websites that are used for easy communication. Some of them being Twitter, Facebook etc.


Internet makes it easier for people to perform business deals smoothly and conveniently from a single place. This saves a lot of time, energy and money too. Some of these activities are online reservations, online shopping, online ticket booking etc.

What are the demerits of using internet?

Internet when not used carefully and sincerely, can even cause harm. Undisciplined use of internet can even lead to disadvantages. Some of them being:

Information loss:

Internet is prone to web attacks. Any information that is critical to us can be acquired by the hackers. Thus, all our sensitive information in the form of passwords, account number, etc. needs to be carefully stored.


The unnecessary emails and advertisements are sometimes spam mails and can cause the system to slow down its operational speed. Due to this, users face a lot of issues. Spam makes people confused as important personal or business emails gets stored with spam.

Virus attacks:

The threat related to virus or malware is so deadly that it can immediately delete the necessary files from the system. This results in the system to get crashed. Such virus attack can happen in 3 ways. One of the ways is to attack chosen files. Second way is to harm the executable system boot programs and the third dangerous way is the ability to expand by replicating itself to different sections of files.