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Essay On Laziness Is Man’s Worst Enemy

250 words Essay On Laziness Is Man’s Worst Enemy

Laziness is identified as a condition where a person is not able to do anything. He is psychologically unprepared or reluctant to do any work. It is quite common to experience this stage at some point in life. To some extent, we can say that technology contributes to laziness in people. With the advent of calculators, people feel lazy doing simple calculations on their own.

Due to laziness, people are reluctant to make effort to visit a grocery shop, restaurant, and other places. They prefer placing orders online from the comfort of their home. It is also seen that people have become so lazy and dependent on their vehicles, that they don’t want to walk a little distance. Whether it is going to a gym or any nearby store, they prefer to use their vehicle to reach everywhere. Laziness prevents them to walk for a few minutes.

Due to laziness, more and more people are becoming obese. This is making them more susceptible to chronic health issues that include diabetes, heart attack, stroke and more. Statistics shows that with the increase in the number of obese people, obese-related deaths are also increasing.

Laziness is also one of the common causes of failures in life. They lack the inner drive to make consistent efforts to actively pursue their goals in life. This keeps them behind others in both professional and personal life. In this way, laziness can cause simple to life-threatening consequences in the life of a person.

500 words Essay On Laziness Is Man’s Worst Enemy

Laziness has become a part of human nature. It prevents people to take specific actions, works, or movements at the right time. Due to which they do not get the recognition that they expect in their life. This action can lead to a negative mental state. A person who is lazy gets all types of destructive and mischievous thoughts in his mind. He is not interested in doing anything. His idle mind is the breeding ground of all negative thoughts that not just harms him but also those who are around him. Evil thoughts lead to evil actions.

To save from such a disastrous state, it is very important to get creative and fill your mind with constructive and positive thoughts. Keep your mind so busy with constructive goals that we don’t have the time to think about futile things in life. Move towards achieving goals in life. In this way, it will save us from unpleasant situations in life to a greater extent.

People who are lazy, miss out on several important opportunities in life. They make excuses that prevent them to succeed in life. These false excuses at the start make people liars. This is not the type of person that people want to be with. Also, due to a lazy attitude, people try to postpone simple to urgent tasks in life. Procrastination leads to losing opportunities that strike their door. They fail to capitalize on them. It makes them a failure in life. They realize the loss a lot later when they can’t do anything about it. A person who is lazy digs hole for himself. He creates his destruction.

Laziness is not just seen in adults, but also children. Many of them are lazy to study. In place of preparing well in advance, they like to delay preparing for the exam. This attitude prevents them to score well in exams. It is not conducive not just in studies but also in any sphere of life. This shows that laziness is the major enemy of a person. This attitude is not honored in any culture. Do we want to be a failure or a successful person? To be in the latter category, we should be constructive like bees, and birds.

However talented, knowledgeable and skillful, you may be, if you are lazy, it will be of no use to you and others. With this attitude, you may not achieve the things in life that you deserve. To get success, you need to work proactively to realize your goals in life. This can only happen when you put your heart and mind in any job and work consistently to achieve it.

The wise person does not waste their time. They understand the value of time. They are constantly aware of the opportunities and take quick action to utilize them and materialize their goals. Such people are awarded finer things in life. By making the best use of their valuable time, they earn recognition and respect everywhere. So, let us be hardworking and make good use of available resources to progress in life.