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Essay On leadership


Leader is an essential part of social, and work life. In most of the situations, when people wish to execute any mission or a goal, it requires a leader to help them pursue it. Let us see more about the significance of leadership in daily life.

Essay On Leadership 250 words

A leader is the one who takes the initiative in any social or political movement, sports competition, school project, or an enterprise. He is the one who people follow as his supporters, and disciples. He is the highly renowned fellow of a profession, or a person who has distinguished position and impact among people.

Leadership occurs in various informal, and formal situations in life. In a group of friends, leadership skills are seen when any person takes lead in a majority of the team activities. He impacts people to keep working to attain a common objective. A leader has the ability to impact the behavior of people. They exploit not just human potential, but also transforms it to generate output.

Leadership is one of the abilities by which any person can influence others. He can accomplish a goal and directs an organization to make it more coherent, and cohesive. Leadership is one of the traits in a person that develops assurance and passion among people.

An influential leader has got the skills to creates an irresistible urge among people to accomplish their goals and obtain success. He encourages and motivates people to achieve their organizational objectives, and realize their long-held dreams.

A good leader always guides, influences and creatively directs his teammates in selecting and attaining specific objectives in life. He does it by acting as a mediator between people and an organization to help each other to get maximum satisfaction. Effective and dynamic leadership directs an organization towards the path of success.

Essay On Leadership 500 words

People needs to be guided in order to contribute towards their goals while maintaining confidence, and excitement. Leadership is a kind of relationship where the leader impacts other people to work mutually on specific tasks to realize their objectives as desired by their group or leader. A good leader has mastered the art to influence people so that they don’t lose help and keep on trying till they succeed.

Leaders are considered to be the role model for all those who follow them. You will find that the subordinates would not be loyal if they do not get any support from their leaders. Leaders need to cooperate with their followers in order to get co-operation from them. A leader should behave with the kind of behavior that he would expect from his followers. Leaders is expected to set his example before others.

He should be the ideal personality for them. People should get driven to him without his occupation and position. Such should be the magnetism, and power of the personality of a leader. Leadership skill isn’t only related to business organizations, but also in military organization, educational institution, charitable organizations, hospital, home, and other areas of life.

He has the power and an ability to keep people focused, hopeful, and enthusiastic to achieve their goals. He is optimistic and self-motivated person who teaches and inspires others to “Never Give Up”.  He persuades his teammates to go after their defined objectives with devotion. Leadership skills are determined by attributes of a person, the type of conditions that prevail within an organization, as well as the team. The following points explain the nature of leadership:

Personal traits:

Personal traits are one of the important ways to distinguish between a good and a bad leader. This trait includes confidence, popularity, socializing skills and inter-personal skills, intelligence, etc. It is these qualities that can make one manager different from another. A leader who has got all these qualities is definitely considered to be a good leader.


Another thing that can influences your leadership style is your situation. A person who has these traits can take on an autocratic style or a democratic style of leadership on the basis of the situation. In other words, situation plays a very essential part in determining the leadership style.

Leaders has to have a good number of followers:

A person can only be respected and valued as a leader if he has got a good fan following base. If he leads and influences others, then he is called as a leader.

Leader and Power

A leader gets potential to make an impact on the behavior of people via power. It can be in the form of:

  • power of position,
  • power to offer rewards as bonus, promotion, and increments, to positively contribute an organization to meet its goals.
  • Power to punish people for any wrong doing in the form of a holiday cut or salary cut.
  • Power to access and deliver information
  • Power to make new connections with other influential people