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Leadership style is described as the consistency of needs or objectives at different situations. One of the most recognized leaders who had contributed successfully for the development of the nation and possessed the above qualities was the former president of South Africa, Mr. Nelson Mandela. His behavior, and leadership traits made him one of the most influential leaders of all times.

250 Words Essay on Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela came into this world on July 18th, 1918. He hailed from a small village in Umtata, South Africa. His entire life story symbolizes a struggle against institutionalized racism in South Africa. It wasn’t easy for him to fight against the prevailing situations, as he was also one of those who were burdened by the impartial system.

Before getting actively involved in protesting against anti-apartheid fight, Nelson Mandela survived several years of his life being a subject of colonization. As an African child, Mandela suffered being a prey of the European expatriate project that involved ‘civilizing’ native communities. In 1960’s, Nelson Mandela was put behind the bars for standing against the racist regulations of the government. He spent around three decades of his life in prison but did not compromise his demand for seeking equality and justice for the common people.

Being an uncompromising and courageous leader, Nelson Mandela was characterized as a man of strength, integrity and principles. In the year 1994, he alone led the nation to put an end to racial discrimination. He was the 1st black president ever to get nominated in South Africa. He served as the South African President for five years ranging from 1994 to 1999.

After Nelson Mandela retired from his public life, he continued to symbolize the dreams and hopes of an equal and free world. In December 2013, he left this world forever. He was of 95 years at that time. Nelson Mandela had to his credit more than two hundred and fifty awards and honors that included the “1993 Nobel Peace” Prize, the Medal of Freedom, and the Bharat Ratna.

500 Words Essay on Nelson Mandela

All About The Life Of Nelson Mandela
Nelson Mandela was born to Henry Mandela, Tembu’ tribal chief in the year 1918. In the year 1944, he got married to a nurse named Evelyn Ntoko Mase. His marriage lasted for twelve good years and ended up in divorce. After two years, in the year 1958 he married a social worker and a political activist named Nomzamo Winnie Madikileza. He divorced her and then got married to a lawyer Graca Machel in the year 1998. He had three children from his 1st marriage and two daughters from his second marriage.

Talking about his education, Nelson Mandela got his Bachelor degree from South Africa University via distance learning in the year 1941. In the year 1942, he took a degree in law from the Witwatersrand University. In 1948, he started his practice as a lawyer in South Africa.

Nelson Mandela’s life as a prisoner
During the period between 1940’s and 1950’s, he was frequently subjected to police harassments, banning and detention. In 1960, he went underground with a formation of a military wing. In the year 1962, Nelson Mandela was put behind bars for a period of 5 years as he traveled without any valid travel papers. This incident provoked South Africans and called for a strike. After 2 years of his detention, he was charged with disloyalty, that led him to a lifetime life imprisonment.

His 4 and 1/2 hours of speech given in criticizing racial discrimination is remembered even today. As he was the leader of the entire group, Nelson Mandela suffered with more harsh treatment as compared to others. Mandela spent near about 27 successive years of life in imprisonment. His detention enhanced his political status that led in global movement to release him from sentence.

During these twenty-seven years, Mandela spent his time in prison. He was kept hidden and aloof from the entire world while he mined limestone and cultivated sea-weed. In the year 1988 Nelson Mandela got hospitalized for tuberculosis. Once he got recovered, he was again returned to jail with lesser strict conditions. In 1990, he got released completely to a observe joyous celebration scenes at abroad and home.

His life as a politician
The political experience of Mandela came after getting enrolled to the college. He worked to secure a Bachelor degree in “Fine Arts”. During his studies, he got nominated as the Representative Council of student political organization. After when he got debarred for his involvement in a protest act in the campus. Due to which, he went to Johannesburg to obtain his BA qualification. After obtaining the degree in the year 1942, Nelson Mandela joined hands with the ANC “African National Congress” at the time of World War II.

Nelson Mandela made a group with its other ANC members. The primary objective of this group was to transform the ANC into a mass movement. Mandela played an important role in various political endeavors, and a lot of racial movements that were based on the non-violent boycott, civil disobedience, strike, and non-co-operation.

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