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One Nation One Election – 250 and 500 Words Essay


For every election to happen, the Election Commission and state machinery of India has to make provision for adequate resources, and man power to perform assembly elections. Over the last few years, it has been observed that elections are being conducted frequently in a few states of India. This has led to wastage of a lot of money and resources of the country. To solve this issue, the NDA government has planned to take the initiative of “one nation one election”.

250 Words Essay on One Nation One Election

About” One Nation One Election”
An election in India lasts for one full year, Government spends significant amount of time, energy and money to organize different elections. Due to which the need for “One Nation One Election” system has arisen.

General State Assembly and Lok Sabha elections are held at the term of five years in India. In addition to it, different state assembly elections put massive burden on the finances of the government. NDA government proposes an initiative to conduct only one election in a period of five years in the entire country.

This proposal was raised in the meeting held on June 19th, 2019, under the authority of The PM. All political parties gathered and discussed on the challenges, advantages and disadvantages of the proposal. This idea of “One Nation One Election” aims at structuring the entire Indian election cycle such that the State Assembly and Lok Sabha elections are synchronized together.

Was this concept implemented before as well?
This concept is not a new experiment for India. It has happened earlier as well when simultaneous elections got conducted for the state assemblies as well as Lok Sabha in India in the years 1952; 1957; 1962; and 1967.

Reason for discontinuation of the movement
The “One Nation One Election” practice got discontinued in the year 1968 to 1969, as a few Legislative Assemblies got dissolved before their term due to some reasons. The regional parties won’t agree for the adoption of this system as they have suffered the worst ever defeat in the last Lok Sabha elections. India is again making efforts to adopt this election system but due to non-consensus of the central government and various political parties, it is becoming hard to execute this movement.

500 Words Essay on One Nation One Election

Advantages and Disadvantages of “One Nation One Election”
Looking at the immense resources spent in conducting frequent elections all over the world, the NDA Government has come up with the concept “One Nation One Election”. This concept has both advantages and disadvantages. Let us see each of them one by one.

Advantages of “One Nation One Election”

Saves Money
The biggest advantage of this logic is that it saves a lot of money, machinery and resources of the government. If all the union territories and states go for this concept, then the total cost of conducting an election would reduce to half.

Quick execution of development tasks
When the government will save huge money that gets wasted in conducting elections, it can be put to a good use in carrying out development tasks. Thus, “one-time election” assures continuity in execution of development programs and policies of the state and central governments.

Keeps a track on black money
There is no doubt in saying that elections are organized and executed with black money. There is a conversion of black money into white money at the time of elections all over the country. So, with “one-time election” concept, our country can benefit with the growth of parallel economy.

Promotes smooth operation of the entire government machinery
The government arranges massive machinery and manpower to perform fair elections throughout the country. This does not cause any disturbance in the operation of schools and colleges. Officials are permitted to work in respective departments. All this brings convenience to the life of people.

Drawback of “One Nation One Election”
Having seen all the advantages of this concept, now let us learn about some of its disadvantages too.

Pose difficulty for regional parties
Due to “One Nation One Election”, regional parties wont contest with national parties in regards to expenditure incurred in election and the strategy of an election. Thus, “one-time election” won’t get accepted by these parties.

Local issues will fade away
Regional parties aim for local issues whereas national parties aim for national issues. Thus, there are possibilities that regional parties would fail to raise their local issues assertively.

Constitutional Issues
Due to autonomous setup of the nation, this concept looks almost impossible of the country. Elections are conducted simultaneously but there is no assurance that the central government and all the states will form by getting full majority. There is a possibility that a few parties can even make an alliance government that can fall before completing its five years of ruling tenure. This will result in conducting re-election in the country.

Delay in outcome of election
Presently, elections are conducted via ballet papers that gives quick results. If elections would conduct as per “One Nation One Election” concept, then the outcome of elections will get delayed. This is the reason why regional parties are requesting to organize elections via ballet papers.

As India is regarded as the largest democratic nation throughout the world, execution of “One Nation One Election” in all union territories, Lok Sabha and state will be a daunting task to accomplish.

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