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Essay on Positive negative effects of industrial revolution



The Industrial Revolution started in the 20th century that marked the transformation of productivity and economic power. This revolution marked a period of extensive urbanization and advancements in industry and technology. This in turn brought major changes in lifestyle among the masses.

250 Words Essay on Positive negative effects of industrial revolution

In some areas, this revolution simplified the life of people and brought a few benefits. Let us see some of these benefits gained due to the industrial revolution.

Better living standards
Development of machines, and tools, effective transportation system and communication made life a lot easier for a common man. Stronger homes got built, and even the governments began to take responsibility of ensuring proper sanitation and hygiene.

Intellectual Advancement
Due to increase in work productivity, government started making generated revenue. This led to remarkable achievements in the areas of literature and science.

Innovation and Enterprise
Greater education opened the doors to learning. This period witnessed inventions in the field of science such as the X-Ray device, the light bulb, the telephone, the calculator, etc.

Bulk production of goods
This revolution was marked by key inventions in the field of engineering. With the introduction of the steam engine, transportation of good became simplified. Production in bulk and reduced incidental costs led to more affordable goods. An increase in production resulted in more jobs and bigger trade.

Europe as well as America were the two main countries that were very much impacted by this revolution. Due to which, they produced immense amounts of goods at the time of the Industrial Revolution. The countries started to search for markets situated outside the continent, with an attemp to sell the goods abroad. People from varying countries even began to arrive gradually in the continents, and get attracted by an assurance of an improved quality of life. These were the signs of the birth of Globalization.

500 Words Essay on Positive negative effects of industrial revolution

The Industrial Revolution began primarily in Europe and America in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. It went on for several decades and transformed the life of people completely. This revolution was categorized by the manufacture of machines, most of them were heavy machinery like the coke-fueled kiln and the steam engine. Due to this revolution, the tasks that were earlier performed by workers got replaced by automated machines.

These machines had the capability to perform tasks equivalent to several workers at once. In this way the life of the common people got adversely affected. Though use of machine gave finished production with higher accuracy but at the cost of snatching work from poor workers.  Not just them but their families also suffered a lot due to this big change.

Thus, Industrial revolution has caused several types of social and economic issues that still impacts people today. It has left a series of dismays and fears, and also created various roadblocks. Some of them have been explained below as:

Negative impact of industrial revolution:

Child Labor
It has been estimated that in mid to late 1850s, various textile industries operating in Britain hired a large number of children that made up 1/5th of the entire workforce. It is not limited to this. Children are put in dangerous jobs that includes operation and cleaning of heavy machinery. The conditions provided to them for working are also terrible. Workers are exposed to harmful fumes, that implies most of these children didn’t live for a long time.

Farming also took a backseat
Factories that are located in the urban regions promised more amount of stability and money as compared to a cultivable property in the rural areas. Most of the farmers even abandoned their terrestrial land to migrate to different places for work purpose. This has resulted in overpopulation of crowded cities, less food production, less steadiness for the workforce, and a higher crime rate due to less stable jobs.

Extreme crime and poverty
Introduction of machinery in the production of goods rendered several people jobless. In addition to it, rapid industrialization allured more and more people from nearby areas to the developed cities. Most of the workers got replaced by machines. This lessened stability among them.  Money didn’t come on a regular basis. Unfortunate immigrants have to resort to begging and indulge in other kind of criminal activities. Prisons started to overflowing, and it gave the rise to slums.

Rudimentary and manual techniques did not use a lot of natural resources of the earth as they are getting used now. This revolution started depleting non-renewable resources that marked a serious destruction of the present day’s society. Factories emitted a large amount of industrial waste and smoke that marked the beginning of a huge stream of water, soil and air pollution. This has become a lot unmanageable in current times.

Collateral damage accompanies huge changes, and several things that have to be compromised for the welfare of everyone. This revolution is no different. It made certain sections of population to suffer.

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