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Essay On Poverty


Poverty is referred to as a social condition wherein individuals do not have necessary financial means to fulfill the fundamental needs of life. Let us see more on the causes of poverty, its impact on people and the nation, and measures to eradicate poverty.

Essay On Poverty 250 Words

Poverty leads to following impact on the individual and the world.

Impact on Health

This is the first and foremost impact of poverty on the health of people. By not getting adequate amount of nutrition, a person can become deficient in nutrition. This nutritional deficiency can lead to malnutrition and under performing organs in the body.

Impact on society

Poverty leads to several critical issues in the society that includes increased rate of crime, and violence, stress, terrorism, homelessness, and child labor.


In order to obtain money to survive, people resort to violence. They adopt criminal measures, and unethical practices to obtain money. Theft, burglary, bank loot, are some of the examples of the dangerous activities that occur due to poverty.


Homelessness is another major impact of poverty that adversely affects women safety, child health, and increase criminal tendencies in people.


Stress is another important cause of poverty that leads to a decline in the productivity rate of individuals.

Child Labor

The worst impact of Poverty is child labor. Small children in order to meet the financial needs of a children are forced to work at a very small age. Children who are employed at workplace below 14 years of age in a normal job and below 18 years of age in hazardous activity contributes to Child labor.


Poverty deprives a person from education and this lack of education can cause ignorance, and brainwashing in a person. This leads to terrorist activities in a person. Such people can unite together and harm the nation.

Essay On Poverty 500 words

Individuals who are poor or below the poverty line don’t have the adequate financial resources to pay for fundamental requirements of daily life. Most of the poor people live in slums, or low-lying regions. Some of the possible consequences of poverty are an inadequate food supply, clothes, and shelter. In India, poor people can’t manage a single meal for themselves. They sleep on the roadside, wear old, and dirty clothes, do not maintain hygiene, don’t get medicine, and healthy food to eat.

It can be very damaging for the health of people. Lack of necessary nutrition will fail to nourish the vital organs of the body, and that can lead to ailments. Poor nutrition will restrict the growth of a child. It can also cause low body weight, impaired vision, physical disabilities, mental disabilities, anemia, cardiac ailments, a poor immunity system and infant mortality that makes you prone to diseases.

Causes of Poverty

In order to mitigate this burning issue in the country, it is very important to know the reason behind it.

The major cause behind increase in poverty is due to the increase in urban population. When they fail to get proper employment, it causes poverty.

Another important cause for poverty is Illiteracy. An illiterate will not find a suitable job to earn a decent income to sustain their family. They are mostly underpaid. When the small income that they earn do not serve the essential needs of the family, that includes clothes, shelter, and food. This leads to poverty.

Other reasons that contribute towards poverty are corruption, poor agriculture, the huge gap between poor, and rich, illiteracy, old customs, unemployment and some more. A major chunk of such people is involved in agricultural activities that pays very low as compared to the work performed by employees.

How to end the poverty?

Poverty is a major problem in the country that needs serious measures to curb it. Here are listed a few steps that would help in the solution of poverty in the country.

  • Government should start off by preventing all those things that causes poverty. It should take measures to curb population by promoting small families, and its benefits. Government can come up with schemes and incentives that encourages the trend of small families and thereby put a stop on growing population. In addition to this, government should make aware people about necessity of birth control and what can be done on their part to put a stop at the increasing population.
  • Government should emphasize on making people literate. Free basic education, and job training should be made compulsory for people.
  • Another very important thing that should be done to curb poverty is to increase employment opportunities to people.
  • To improve economy of poverty stuck states such as Odisha and other North East states, government should encourage people to invest in these states by providing them special incentives, and concessions on taxes.
  • Government should provide them basic necessities such as free of cost health services, food at subsidized rates, clean drinking water, free primary, and high school education, free employment training to make them financially independent.