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Essay on Smart Classroom – Intro , Short Essay, Long Essay

Essay on smart classroom – 250 and 500 Words Essay




Smart classroom is described as a learning area that has a tutor equipped with audio-visual equipment and computer. This method allows the tutor to teach with the help of a wide range of media that includes interactive white board, PPT’s, DVD’s, and data projector. The trend of smart class is increasingly transforming the method in which tutors teach and students learn. Smart classes make teaching as well as learning a pleasant and enjoyable experience for students while enhancing academic performance.

250 words essay on smart classroom

What types of disadvantages offered by smart classes?
Smart classroom is an innovative approach to teaching and learning. As every technology has its pros and cons, smart classroom also provides a few drawbacks to students. Let us know what they are.

Cost Concerns
School administrators have to charge a lot of fee to students to keep their school well-informed and updated with the latest and advanced technologies in teaching. Also, schools that adopts the smart classroom methodology have to employ a highly competent and technologist who draws a lot of salary. Budgetary issues can arise when schools need to invest in training its faculty members as all kinds of teachers can’t accustom them to the technological teaching tool.

Impair problem solving abilities
When technology gets applied to teaching and learning, the result is entertaining and progressive. The continuous use of electronic devices impairs the problem-solving ability of students. Students who learn using smart classroom teaching methodology feels totally helpless and lost when a gadget fails to perform in the right order.

In those cases, guardians of children fail to provide any sort of academic support to their children. Children suffer due to malfunctioning of technological gadgets as they can’t complete their homework and academic project.

Loss of human values
In smart classroom-based sessions, electronic teaching aids serve as the primary teaching tools. As students gets habitual of learning through smart devices, they start to lose touch with teachers.

This transition in learning from traditional to modern classroom methods lower the importance of a teacher. Students are seen to get glued to their electronic gadgets like laptops, and computers and teachers become just an entity in the class.

500 words essay on smart classroom

Smart classroom offers a lot of benefits in comparison to traditional chalk and blackboard-based learning method.  Here we are telling you a few reasons that makes smart classroom- based learning superior and essential than traditional forms of learning.

Online access
Smart classrooms are equipped with electronic gadgets that provide online access to learning materials to students. With this technology, a student gets access to an elaborate information on any type of topic. Teachers use these gadgets to perform an in-depth research on a specific topic, set online test questionnaire and deliver visual lecture to students. This helps in understanding the topic better.

With access to internet, students can review any subject in detail.  The comprehensive information that a student gains through this learning method helps them in performing better in the exam. With access to online content, teachers curate information and also create compelling presentations that makes the topic very interesting to students.

Online tools
A lot of teachers use the methodology to repeat the same lesson over and over again to make it easy for the student to learn the lesson. In reality, this methodology doesn’t benefit students, especially the ones who sit at the back in a packed classroom.

This is where use of audio-visual tools such as Power Point slides, and educational audio and videos proves to be of a great help. It is an impressive and effective way to put across your message among students. This ensures the entire class to get benefitted by the presentation and lecture of teacher. Students sitting with pair of headphones fitted into their ears is a common sight in today’s universities and colleges. This helps them to hear their professor’s voice clearly.

Online modules
Online mode of learning is best for those who miss to attend some of the lectures. Such students benefit greatly by smart classroom learning. It helps them in learning training modules, review as well as submit assignments online. In this way, teachers can make sure that their students don’t miss out any important learning session and are better prepared for upcoming exams.

With the use of the digital leaning format, students feel that the classroom becomes more interactive. To keep students engaged throughout the lecture, teachers can devise interesting challenges to test their mental perception, retention skills etc. By making the classroom interactive helps teachers to enhance the performance of students and the class as a whole.

Based on Go Green philosophy:
Smart classes also help in lowering the carbon footprint. It helps student to make less use of pen and paper. In this way, they do their part in preserving the environment.

Low cost of maintenance:
Besides the initial investment, many of the smart classrooms are easier to maintain. All that is needed is a routine clean-up and maintenance tasks. In comparison to a traditional classroom, smart classes are inexpensive to maintain.

Smart classrooms assist students to do better. It even encourages other students to get creative. With quick access to a wide range of information on any subject, students can use it or come up with their own creative concepts.