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Essay on Social media impact on society

Social media impact on society – 250 and 500 Words Essay


Social media is seen to be a highly controversial topic today. To some people it is a curse, while for others it is a blessing. Many of them have an opinion that with social media physical human interaction has reduced. It has changed a lot how people view human relations in the modern time.

There are several others with the perception that social media improved and gave them better ways and options to stay connected to everyone in the world. Also, it has become a lot easier to disseminate information and news quickly via social media.

250 Words Essay on Social media impact on society

Since the arrival of social media, it has generated a buzz among internet users. It is considered to be a technological boon to the entire mankind. So, what is that makes social media so important. Let us look at the merits offered by the invention of this technology.

Benefits of social media

Stay connected to your close ones
Social Media is a web-based platform that enables user to perform interaction with one another. Various social media sites such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. allows users to form and spread information. Video calling is an increasingly appreciated features that allows one to stay in touch with close ones anytime and anywhere.

Display your talent
It is one of the best platforms available to showcase talent without any investment. There have been several cases how social media has provided fame and success to many people for their hard work and talent so conveniently and affordably.

Find people with similar interests
Social media serves as a great channel to build friendships and relations. It gets you in touch with several people of varied interests, choice, likes and preferences. Social media can be one of the places to find one of your think pattern, wavelength and type. Company of such people fills your life with happiness.

Earn money
Another important advantage of social media is that it can prove to be a good opportunity to make money. This can be done by selling clothes, blogging, affiliate marketing and many more. All these ways are good sources to generate handsome income.

500 Words Essay on Social media impact on society

Drawbacks of social media
Social media has seen to negatively impact people on several grounds. Teens are the most adversely impacted sections of the society. Let us see in what ways are they vulnerable.

Deteriorates your health
Social media could be seen as one of the most significant reasons for destroying the health of people. People have become so addicted to social media. They have several social media accounts on various social media networking websites.

They spend a lot of time updating their profiles, liking pics, commenting on other profiles, expanding their follower list, chatting etc. This not just disconnects them from the real life but this web-based networking also gives rise to various other negative symptoms such as eye strain, absence of rest, social withdrawal etc.

Continuous use of social media, makes one dull, and lifeless. It leads to sleep disorders and reduces productivity of a person. It is important to make a person aware of their excessive use and break this habit. Playing outdoor sports and in person communication with people enhances the personality of a person.

Unauthentic information
Not every information that you see on social media is true. There are a lot of profiles on social media networking websites that are fake, disguised and unreal. This can cause a lot of harm to a person if he / she shared their personal information over social media. Also, some people who like to create rumors and it spread like a wildfire. Before you trust on that information, it is important to check about the credibility of the information and the source.

Fake people
Social media has been seen as a potential platform to meet new people. Unfortunately, just like unauthentic information, you can even meet fake people over the social media.  Being present on social media looks cool and exciting to people, but it has also been the reason for many heartbreaks and ruined relationships. So, be cautious before you trust anyone on social media.

Addiction to social media
Addiction is very popular and commonly seen not just in teenagers but also in youth. People, are crazy after this platform. Their mornings start with social networking and ends with it. This is no time for any communication with family members, neighbors, relatives etc. Their pathetic life is limited to the electronic box. It not just spoils their personality but also their life too.

Cyber bullying is another very important disadvantage of social media. It is seen that a lot of youngsters have become a victim of the casualties of cyberbullying. One of the reasons that leads to it is their excessive and ignore social media use.

Hacking is one of the commonest forms of cybercrime that is seen nowadays. Social media has a significant contribution towards occurrence of this crime. This is because a lot of personal information of people like their name, photo, family members, mobile number, occupation, marital status, play of stay, education, events of life etc. can be easily seen on social media. All this information can be stolen and shared all over the web. To save yourself from mishappenings, it is very important to guard your own records and information.

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