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Terrorism is defined as the use of violent acts and fear to intimidate governments and societies. Most of the types of political and social organizations may use it as a weapon to achieve their objectives. In the current scenario, people are scared of the terrorist attacks that have started to happen quite often. Terrorism has become a burning issue that can only be controlled through stringent measures.

250 words Essay on Terrorism

About Terrorism, its causes and effect

In India, the first incident of terrorism was a Naxalite attempt. This happened in the 1967, when inhabitants from the Bengal state got manic. They came out as “Naxalites” and spread a lot of terror through the country. Most of it was in the form of a domestic terrorism rather than a destructive terrorism brought from external forces. A popular example of destructive terrorism is 9/11 that is cause due to chaos amongst the affected people and due to the disturbance in the government.

Causes of terrorism in the society

Below are just a few reasons that has contributed to the occurrence of terrorism in the society.

  • Production of huge quantities of armaments such as machine guns, firearms, atomic bombs, firearms, nuclear weapons, hydrogen bombs, and missiles.
  • Rapid growth of population
  • Politics
  • Social and economic state
  • Dissatisfaction with the current country’s system
  • Bad association
  • Lack of education
  • Fall of encouragement

Impact created by terrorism

Following are some of the after effects of terrorism in the society. 

  • One of the main purposes of terrorism is to create fear in the minds of people and the same happens after terrorism. You will find people immersed in sorrow, insecurity, pain, fear and suffering everywhere in the impacted region.
  • On challenging terrorism, there are chances of abandonment of terrorism
  • Due to terrorism, goods in bulk numbers gets destructed and the life of innocent people get lost.
  • Not just humans, terrorism has an adverse impact on animals too. Many of them get killed as a result of it.
  • A greater dependence on humanity is seen.
  • A terrorist act gives birth to a new terrorist.

500 Words Essay on Terrorism

About Terrorism

Terrorism is one of the biggest threats that a government is facing at the present moment. It is due to several different purposes such as motherland, religion and any other unexplained objective of the terrorists. Though terrorists call themselves as courageous soldiers, they are not in real sense. Real soldiers don’t hurt innocent people and fight with only one mission to save the nation from the enemies. They align themselves to the purpose of the nation. On the other hand, terrorists fight to satisfy their own, petty, unfair and selfish motives. Terrorist uses violent means to accomplish the objective and obtain positive outcome.

Terrorism is regarded as an unethical lawful activity performed by a group of terrorists with the same selfish motive. They use unauthorized and unofficial use of violence simply to create fear and terror among people to achieve their targets that includes social, personal, political, ideological and religious aims. Terrorism has impacted youths of the nation, their development as well as growth. A large set of people take assistance of terrorism. They are called as terrorists. These terrorists don’t work in accordance to any rule or law. They use violent acts that intends to enhance terror in the country and society. Some of the motives of terrorists are spreading danger of violence throughout the society, fulfilling their political objectives, etc. These terrorists put the citizens of the nation on their prime target.

Terrorism is defined as an illegal activity that aims at creating a state of fear among people. It is a major threat faced by humanity. If any person spreads violence, burglaries, riots, kidnappings, rapes, bombings, or fighting, then this all comes under the act of terrorism. In the present scenario, it has affected not just India but also several nations in the abroad as well. The largest form of terrorist attack was seen on the World Trade Centre that happened in the year 2001.

This entire act happened in a dramatic way. It was executed by Osama bin Laden who was the mastermind behind this terrorist activity. He attacked the tallest structure in the America that is considered to be the most powerful nation of the world. It has taken millions of lives along with numerous casualties and deaths under the rubble.

Terrorism has become a huge national as well as international issue throughout the world. It is a worldwide issue that has impacted almost all countries in the world directly and/or indirectly. When taking about India, this developing country has faced several challenges and presently tackling terrorism as one of the biggest problems after hunger death, poverty, illiteracy, population explosion, and inequality. Terrorism has affected the development and growth to a larger extent.

The different types of Terrorism

  • State-Sponsored terrorism is a type of terrorism that comprise of terrorist acts performed on any government or state.
  • Dissent terrorism are terrorist groups that have protested against their own government.
  • The Left and Right” terrorism are those terrorist groups that are engrained in political ideology.
  • Religious terrorism comprises of terrorist groups that are very religiously motivated
  • Criminal Terrorism are terrorists that used to assist in crime to make criminal profit.