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Essay on Time Management – Intro , Short Essay, Long Essay

Time Management – 250 and 500 Words Essay


Time management is defined as a process to plan and exercise conscious control of all the time consumed on performing specific activities. Good time management improves efficiency, productivity and effectiveness in a job.

250 Words Essay on Time Management


In What Ways Does Time Management Benefits A Person?

An effective time management enables a person to complete more work in less period of time. This helps in lowering stress, and getting success in career. The skill to manage time properly is very essential. Better time management results in following benefits that are shown as:

Relief from stress

When a person makes and follows a definite task schedule, it greatly helps in lowering anxiety in a person. As you complete items listed on the β€œto do” list successfully, you can easily see that you have been making concrete progress. This avoids you from getting stressed out with anxiety about whether you will be able to accomplish things or not.

Gives you more amount of time

Efficient time management provides you more free time that you can spend in daily life activities, hobbies or any of their personal pursuits.

More opportunities

Managing time productively results in getting more opportunities too. A person who spends time effectively waste less on trivial activities and so he identifies and grabs opportunities easily. Also, effective time management skill has become one of the major attributes that employers generally look for.

The capability to list and schedule jobs is highly desired in any organization. So, if you are good at managing time, then you are seen credible and your chances of getting promoted in a job also increases.

Ability to accomplish goals

It has been seen that people who are good at managing their time achieve their life objectives and goals effectively, and that also in a shorter period of time.

500 Words Essay On Time Management

What are the consequences of poor management of time?

Time management is one of the important attributes that is required in any individual. This is one such quality that is helpful in professional and personal aspect of the life of a person. A person who is not efficient at managing his time, can suffer from following consequences.

Poor productivity

Poor efficiency is observed in the form of an inability to do future planning and sticking to goals. If there are various critical tasks that needs to be completed, then an effective planning would help in completion of tasks in a sequential manner rather than jumping back and forth. Thus, poor time management translates to lower work productivity and reduced efficiency.

Waste time

Wastage of time is the result of poor time management. Some of the things that can indicate wastage of time are chatting with friends over phone or social media while performing an assignment. This is not a productive use of time as it distracts a person and waste his time. It will require more time to perform the task than what would have been required when it was done with full focus.

Lose control

When you do not manage your time properly, then you are not sure what you need to do next. In this way, you suffer from complete loss of control over your life. It will contribute to enhanced levels of anxiety and stress in a person.

Poor work quality

Failing to manage time effectively makes your work quality suffer. Rushing to finish jobs at the last-minute compromises work quality. This not just deteriorates your reputation at the workplace but also reduce your chances of progress too.

Helpful tips to achieve an effective time management

Once you have understood the consequences of poor time management and benefits of good time management, it is now required to learn ways to manage your time effectively:

Set goals properly

It is important to set milestones that are measurable and achievable. Ensure that the goals that have been set by you are measurable, specific, attainable, timely and relevant.

Prioritize wisely

You need to prioritize your tasks on the basis of its urgency and importance. Take a look at daily tasks and then make decision how to execute them.

  • Essential and urgent tasks: Do them straight away.
  • Essential but not urgent tasks: You need to decide the right time to perform them.
  • Not essential and not important: You need to set them aside to be done later.

Fix a deadline to finish a task

Set time constraints to complete tasks. This will make you a lot efficient and focused. Make that extra effort in deciding how much time is needed to assign for each of the tasks. It can assist you in recognizing potential issues before they crop up. In this way, fixing a deadline helps you in forming better plans to deal with them.

Take breaks between tasks

Working continuously without taking any break in between the tasks makes it quite difficult for a person to stay motivated and focused. You need to perform some different tasks in that period that can refresh you. It can be a short walk, meditation or a brief nap.

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