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Essay on Uses of electricity – Intro , Short Essay, Long Essay

Uses of electricity – 250 and 500 Words Essay


Looking at the present condition, there is no doubt in saying that the modern society is completely dependent on electricity. Electricity has become an indispensable need for the development. It is also a prime essentiality to sustain modern urban life.

250 Words Essay on Uses of electricity

We are so much dependent on electricity. Our life becomes still when the electricity supply shuts off however small the duration is. Nowadays, everything has become electronic. We have electronic mails, electric tram, electric train, electric bulb, electric fan, electroplating, electric stove, etc. that makes our life a lot comfortable and easier. The more habitual we have become of all these things, the harder it gets to sustain life without it.

Electricity has completely transformed the way farming has been carried out nowadays. As opposed to the way farming was carried out in earlier days, now the entire process has become mechanized. Electricity has made it easier to distribute the river water to canals and perform irrigation in barren and dry lands. Some of the examples of the usage of electricity are the “Bhakra Dam” located in Punjab, the “Hirakund Dam” located in Orissa, the “Damodar Valley” located in West Bengal, etc. Besides irrigation, cultivation of crops has also been greatly benefitted by electricity. Cutting and chaffing of crops has become efficient due to electricity. Present age tube wells also operate with electricity that has made it both energy and time efficient.

Electricity has helped people a lot in quick and speedy communication. Wireless telegraphy can be used with electricity. With the help of phones, computer etc. instant communication has become a lot simpler and easier. Electricity driven machines like washing machine, refrigerator, vacuum cleaners, heaters, coolers, AC’s, has made our daily chores and living hassle free and uncomplicated. We can’t just think life without any of them. They are an essential part of our life. Without electricity, there is no splendor and glamour in celebrations and festivities.

500 Words Essay on Uses of electricity

Uses of electricity
Electricity is defined as a form of power that modern age people have a tough time surviving without. It powers almost all the appliances that are used on a daily basis. It powers air-conditioner, machines that helps in accomplishing our daily tasks, the entertainment devices, the various communication channels and the different means of transport. Due to the significance of electricity, there is seen an urgent requirement to value this useful form of electricity and the ways to produce it via renewable sources.

As electricity removed darkness from the streets and roads and is considered to be a boon to modern society. If we don’t care about making its judicious use, then it will get wasted. Our life will again slip back to old primitive days when there was no electricity. So, it is important to understand its importance and make wise use of it. Below we have discussed some of the areas of applications of electricity:

  • Electricity has brought a revolution in medical science. Leprosy, cancer, and various other fatal ailments can now be easily cured using painless treatment method of exposing to electricity. One of them being X-rays. Modern detection and cure of various ailments are computerized.
  • Electricity is an inevitable need for industrial growth. It plays a significant role in development of industries. Whether it is small scale or large scales, industries of all sizes heavily depend on electricity.
  • Electricity is carried out in performing technical and engineering activities. Whether it is performing welding or developing certain materials, it requires electrical energy to perform these tasks.
  • Electricity has brought a major impact in various spheres of human life that includes communication, medicine, surgery and transport.
  • In this technological advanced electricity dependent generation, a person enjoys several communication facilities that runs on electric energy. In addition to this, communication with close ones who are located several miles away need this kind of energy.
  • Many companies and businesses use electricity for computers, printing machines, fax machines and workstations.
  • The construction of bog structures like grills for windows and gates also requires electrical energy.
  • Electrical power has impacted the entire food industry in several ways. It has become easier and quicker now to make food items with the help of power-driven machines such as oven, induction cooker, heaters etc.
  • Electricity assists in advanced designing as well as manufacture of tools that reduce wastage and also increase accuracy in the entire manufacturing industry.
  • Due to technological innovation, it has given rise to the development of hybrid vehicles that runs on electricity. Such machines are highly efficient and don’t emit poisonous gases to the entire environment.
  • Electricity is needed to power computers to perform online work. This assists people in generation of income.
  • Electricity makes it easier to acquire knowledge at the comfort of your home. A student can undergo distance learning programs with the help of computers for study and research activities.
  • Electricity also provides us great sources of entertainment and amusement in the form of radio, cinema, television, etc.
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