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Essay on Value Of Games – Intro , Short Essay, Long Essay

Value Of Games – 250 and 500 Words Essay


Games, whether indoor or outdoor has a special significance in the life of a person. Not just physical levels, games benefit a person on mental and emotional levels too.

250 Words Essay on Value Of Games

Games are an important part of education. They are a necessary part of the life and as essential as studies. What studies are to the mind, games are to the body. Its benefits can’t be ignored in the mental and physical fitness of a person. After a hard day at school, a student needs something to get away of their boredom. Games are one of the best ways to make mind strong and fresh.

It is a known fact that a sound mind is the result of a sound body. A person who plays games shows better focus on books than the one who spends an entire day just reading books and doing no other activities. The fact is that academics without any inclusion of games and physical activities is incomplete. Lessons that one learns on the ground are equally important as the ones that are grasped in classroom.

Games are helpful in overall personality development. They not just widen our outlook but also make us kind hearted. Games should not be thought of just a physical activity. Playing games help in inculcating the spirit of sportsmanship. Due to this reason, colleges, universities and schools, have started to realize the significance of games in academics of a student.

Games make one physically healthy, and strong. A person who plays games shows signs of better physical health. It enhances the digestion as well as sharpens the concentration of a person. Games increases the endurance power as well as harden muscles and bones. When looking at mind related benefits, games sets one free from anxieties of life and equips with confidence and strength to face them strongly. Games teaches us several life lessons such as discipline, obedience, team spirit, patience, punctuality, fair play, and a lot more.

500 Words Essay on Value Of Games

Games forms an integral part in a student’s life. It has got highest importance for each one of us, especially people who are young. Games make people smart, active and fit. They teach us qualities of team-spirit, leadership, and sportsmanship. Games helps in boosting the concentration level in the person. They can be seen as an antidote or a therapy when you feel sad or anxious. Playing games is one of the proven ways that takes one out of the troubles and get the courage to deal with all life issues bravely. A true sportsman doesn’t attach defeat or victory to any game. He plays game just to enjoy it and gives his 100 % to it.

As the objective of education is sound development of a student on all levels, physical, moral and mental levels, games are an essential inclusion in the academic syllabus of a student. It is an ancient belief that when the body is weak, mind can’t be strong. So, to make the mind strong, it makes it important for a person to indulge in regular physical games. This makes their body strong and healthy. Not just it will build their body and health but also fills up each and every cells of your body with fresh air. Regular indulgence in games keeps one healthy, fit and free from disease for a longer time.

Games teaches the importance of sportsmanship and self-discipline in life. It is one of the best trainings that a student can achieve for playing the real game of their life. A true sportsman takes defect and victory equally. He is not swayed by sorrows and joys and learns to keep calm at the time of adversities. Games fills excitement into the boring life of students.  It keeps the students busy so that their idle mind does not become a devil’s workshop. It can be seen as the best ways to make productive use of the leisure time. It is the right way to channelize the surplus energy of children, so as to avoid it taking form of indiscipline and mischief.

Games develop so many good traits in a student. It helps in developing confidence, courage, team spirit, perseverance, presence of mind, and patience in a student. Students who consistently play games don’t remain shy. They get bold, never lose heart, hopeful and become unafraid of anything. A good sportsman plays not just for himself but for the entire team. So, games teach the art of co-operation and team work on the ground and also in the actual life.

It is a very essential need to make games a compulsory need for each and every student in all schools. Schools need to give as much importance to games as it is normally given to academics. On the other hand, it is important to note that devoting all the time to games at the expense of studies is also not good. The right way is to seek and maintain a healthy equilibrium between the studies and the games. They both have to be complementary to one another. Games are crucial for an all-round development of the personality of a child. It has to be played in right spirit, and also with due caution and care. Hiring services of an experienced expert or a coach will ensure students to get the best benefit of games in a safe way.