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Essay on Youth and Social Media – Intro , Short Essay, Long Essay

Youth and Social Media – 250 and 500 Words Essay



Media is one of the important things that is hard to separate from the lives of most of the teenagers.  The presence and power of the media makes sure that what is heard, seen and felt through the media impacts the behavior of youth consciously and subconsciously.


250 Words Essay on Youth and Social Media

Over the past few years, media has become a popular contributor to the entertainment Industry. There are different mediums of the media such as television, radio, internet or newspapers. They all serves the same objective. This powerful medium of communication comes with its own set of advantages

Makes people informative:

Due to media, more and more people are becoming informative about the global and national current affairs. Local events and news play a significant role in the formation of the public opinion. Media is seen as a potent channel to advertise electronic images and videos all across the globe for people to access it easily at their fingertips.

Ensures transparency:

Media has contributed towards making the operations of nation highly transparent. Unlike earlier times when process of decision making was concealed by opacity, the overall operation of the present government is examined by the media. As per the views of experts, media is considered to be the 3rd pillar of democracy. It is useful for a common man to air his complaints via social media and get attention from the higher authorities. This helps them to get relevant action for resolution of their issue.

A good entertainment source:

Television, print media and cinema are critical in demonstrating the power of the entire society. They assist in making the local tradition and culture famous among the viewers. Also, people can watch documentaries, serials and movies, to feel happy and refreshed.

A way to spread social message:

To many, media is a boon as it aims on discussing the burning problems of the society. A vast portion of people aren’t aware about all those practices that proves to be damaging to the society. Social media and television highlights all these issues in detail and also keep people updated. On taking stock of the condition and public opinion, government can then proceed towards taking corrective measures including banning the destructive practices happening in the society. Problems such as child labor and poverty are addressed by media group all across the world.


500 Words Essay on Youth and Social Media

Media has been seen as an underlying factor in impacting the behavior of youth. Most of the teenagers spend a lot of hours watching television, listening to music, socializing on the web, and playing video games. Facebook, MySpace and Twitter have become very popular among teenagers. This is because, it is quite easy for youth to watch as well as download mp3 audio files, and music videos from the web. This affects the behavior of youths in a negative way. The first and foremost negative impact of media on youth is the increase in their aggression and violence.

Media, in the form of violent movies, television shows, video games and music videos all contribute towards it. In the recent studies it has been found that a large section of television programs and movies have an inclination towards aggression. The entire film industry is opportunistic. Producers as well as directors are keen in making films that have scenes of violence. The impact of watching such movies is that youth starts to imitate whatever they view and hear on the television. Also, the rating system adopted for TV programs fails to do much in the regulation of viewership. There are no serious measures enacted for quality and content control.

There are a number of events that have been observed where a youth attempted to use a handgun to use it on fellow students. Not just the media, but also the type of images that they are exposed to via the internet, television, video games and action movies heavily impact these occurrences. There are a couple of actors who does advertisements of beer and cigarettes for their promotion.  Youth who follows and imbibe them, also start indulging in all these types of bad habits. In this way, the visuals presented by the media has a great potential to manipulate the mind of youth and take them in the wrong direction.

Music is another way by which media badly impacts the mind of young generation. Poor and degraded form of music poses a negative impact on youth and has significantly impacts their emotions. Different types of music such as hip-hop, advocates for violence. To capture a wide range of audience, many artists lower the standard of music and come up with cheap music with objectionable lyrics. Such music involves things like guns, killing, violence, debasing women that contribute towards building violent nature in youth and ultimately harms the entire society.

With the rise in smartphone culture, most of the youth now can be seen on social media websites. These websites when not used in limits can prove to be time killers. A lot of youth are seen to waste their precious time in posting photos, replying to comments, and competing with their friends on the total likes that they receive on their post. This use of media is simply useless and does not benefit them in any form. Such type of online social networking has made them confined to their house with their smartphones. They have lost connection to the outside world, playing outdoor games, interacting with family, neighbors, and relatives. This has led to a dramatic decrease in face to face level communication and ability to communicate with others on the level of speaking. Such false online communication lacks emotional connection, reduces understanding power, thoughtfulness and communication abilities in youth.