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High-School Essay

Essay on Violence Against Women

What does it mean to commit violence against women? Not giving her the right value: this is the first and very strong form of violence against any human being. Starting from the assumption that there is someone who is not worth as much as we are, we then convince ourselves that we have the right to subjugate him and the woman is sadly humiliated in various ways that would make any real man ashamed to belong to the species Homo sapiens sapiens. Which, most of the time, has nothing to do with wisdom.

Misogyny is one of the scourges of our society: while it is true, and it must be acknowledged, that we have made great strides in giving everyone many rights that were denied to them in the past, it must also be stressed that there is still much to be done. It is true, and it must be admitted, that we have made great strides in offering everyone many rights that were denied to them in the past, but it must also be stressed that there is still a lot to be done, starting with the status of women, which is not the best, given that there are men who even hate or kill them.

The killing of the woman is the culmination of men’s violence: in the vast majority of cases of femicide, it is always a violent man suffering from morbid jealousy who commits the crime. It happens frequently that the victim is persecuted and psychologically tortured, seeing his or her own freedom being pushed further and further away.

For this reason, there must be more serious laws regarding stalking and heavier punishments for stalkers: the persecuted woman should no longer have to wait until her perpetrator is just a step away from killing her, but action must be taken beforehand to prevent any drama. But violence against women nowadays also takes the form of mobbing: it is employers who often put an excessive burden of responsibility on women who would like to have the same rights in the workplace as their male colleagues; they would also like to have the right to enjoy motherhood without running the risk of losing their jobs.

There are many forms of violence against women and all of them must be condemned. No one, in any way, should limit the freedom of a woman. She should always feel free to be what she wants, she should be able to build the future of her dreams without traps created by misogynists and psychopaths. We will only have a freer world when women are freer.