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Growing up with a single parent essay


For several years, children who grow up by a single parent have been seen as different. Compared to earlier days, a single-parent family system has become more common and prevalent in society.

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With the increasing rate of divorce cases, more and more families are becoming nuclear. Children are deprived of the affection of both the father and the mother. They have started to be raised in single-parent families. Ideally, it is good for a child to live with their dad and mom happily married, however, it has been seen that children who are brought up in single-parent households are still well- adjusted kids, teens, and adults. Besides, a few exceptions, a majority of children who are raised by a single-parent are comparatively more mature, independent and realistic. Many children who have grown up by a single parent or by both father and mother seem successful and emotionally stable.

The difference is just in the method of upbringing them. Though the responsibility is the same, there is a difference in the method in which they are raised. Men and women have different ways to discipline and teaching styles. The way a child is molded depends on the parenting style. Along with the strictness, there is leniency and affection also needed for the right development of a child. To strike the right balance, both women and men are meant to up bring a child together. If any of these ingredients are lacking or not in the right proportion, then it adversely impacts the upbringing of a child.

The objective of a single parent is to provide a well-rounded and balanced development to a child. It is a challenging task to manage it all alone, but not difficult. There are several examples of single-parent families in our present society that has been an inspirational source to everyone.

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Single parents are becoming very much common in the present world. Since 1990, the US family structure for children between the ages of 14 to 18 consists of 42% of them living with both parents in first marriage family, 22 % of them living in a second marriage step-family, 21 % of them living in a divorced, separated or single-parent family, 6% of them living in a single-parent family with no marriage and 3 % of them living in a single parent widowed family. Around 58% of children in the US live in a single-parent family. This is an awful percentage that shows how single-parent family is becoming more and more in today’s society.

For several years, children who grew up by a single parent have been viewed as divergent.  Our present society has this belief that the only means for a child to get full behavioral and emotional skills is to be brought up by the mother as well as father. Due to lacking support of one of the parents, they are more likely to exhibit behavior issues as they tend to lack social and economic security. This is illogical.

Children of a single-parent family can be as liberal with social, behavioral and emotional skills the ones with two parents.  Though it is needed that a single parent has to perform the responsibilities of both mother and father to ensure the best development of their child. A single-parent has to work full time to afford to provide the essentialities for themselves and their children.

They have to offer an enthusiastic and quality time for the child’s welfare. A single parent has been seen successful in provide better conditioning to their child. Today a lot of children who hailed from a single-parent family have become emotionally successful and steady. It has been seen that such children are more mature, realistic, and responsible. They know how much effort it takes to sustain a living so they recognize the importance of money than the ones who are brought up in a two-parent family.

Since their childhood, they have seen hardships in life from a very close angle. This makes them very realistic and independent too. Having faced drudgeries of life and how their single parent fought against it while raising them, they are more mentally prepared and strong facing any of the challenges that come in their way. Whatever be the emergency, they are capable of dealing with any circumstance successfully.

Children who are brought up in a single-parent family realize that marriage isn’t a fairy tale and also not perfect always. It takes a lot of work from both sides to make it happen. Children see that their single parent has to perform both home and outside duties. He/she has to work a lot harder to earn money that is essential to take the best care of everyone’s requirements.

They don’t keep high expectations in terms of branded clothes, and other expensive accessories. They are seen to be more contented with what they have. With better knowledge of the real world, they learn the importance of responsibility and support from childhood. It is a struggle for both a single parent and their children, but these struggling times makes them mentally strong and capable children in the long run. Though it is a big responsibility and a challenge for a parent, but with inner strength, a fighting attitude, and courage, they can make any achievable.

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