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Essay On Happiness

Happiness is nothing, but the state of mind. It can be due to various reasons such as loving their life, having several companions, doing well at workplace, or successfully accomplishing any given objective. It doesn’t have to be big. It can be little moments in a day to day life that can bring happiness to people. Let us learn more about what is happiness.

250 words essay on happiness

We all desire true happiness, isn’t it? Everyone is in search of true happiness that does not diminish with time. Is it possible to have an everlasting happiness? Yes. Happiness is our state of mind. It depends on our perspective of how we view things, and what makes us happy. Spending few moments in a day to be grateful for things that God has bestowed us, will make us happy.

True happiness is not in owning valuables, money, or any other kind of possession. It lies within ourselves. Whether rich or poor, upper caste or lower caste, we all have got the same potential to experience happiness in our life. It is devoid of any material possession. True happiness can’t be explained in words. It can only be felt.

Happiness is a simple word with a deep meaning behind it. One of the major mistakes that people do and they fail to realize it is that they look for it in the outer world. When they find impermanence in everything outside, they react by blame themselves, circumstances, their luck and even God.

You need to understand that nothing in the external world can buy you happiness. A person who doesn’t own any riches of the world, can be happier than the one who is the wealthiest, or the most prosperous. You should feel happy from inside, then only you can enjoy whatever has been provided to you. Happiness is an inward journey. When you become joyful, and contended with yourself, then only help you appreciate what you have.

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Everyone desires for a happy and soulful life. What people are unaware of is that happiness is the very nature of any person. They have it within themselves. They need not create it. It is when you drop your petty desires for materialistic cravings, and wants, you become free and liberated. This is happiness. A desire-less, and contented soul is a happy soul. There is a law of nature, anything that you wish, you need to act as if you own it. So, if you want happiness, you should feel yourself to be happy right now. To be happy, the best way is to be grateful for all that you have and release all your wants. When you focus on what you have and feel good about it, that is when you will realize that your life is becoming happier.

To develop a habit of satisfied and gratefulness, needs time if you are not used to it. This shifting of paradigm is going to bring about a positive change in your life. This practice will open the doors of happiness to you that you have not even imagined ever in your life. Another thing that can make you happy is to spend time by connecting with your own nature.

Be like a child who doesn’t own anything, and yet he is free, and happy. It is only your fears of the future, and the desire that prevents you from being happy. To attain the state of fearlessness, and contentment, you need to sit for meditation for a few minutes daily. In those few minutes, drop all your worries, and just be with yourself. You will start to feel happier, relaxed, and fulfilling with every passing day.

Another important way to feel happy is to stop thinking of your own comforts. Think about what you can do for the betterment of the society. Spend time in thinking how you can contribute to the society. However small it is, do it. This is for your own happiness, and betterment of the life of deprived people.

It can be charity, teaching a person, feeding birds or animals, or even uplifting the state of mind of people. Anything that makes other happy, and supported, is an act that will fill your life with happiness. Try it to see its magic. You will see that by radiating happiness everywhere, your own life is becoming prosperous, and enriching.

Now that you know that your source, is the very cause of happiness, you will never lose it amidst all the stress in the life. When you focus on within, all the material comforts will make its way to you. But, when you focus on material comforts, then you could even lose your inner state of happiness.

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Besides benefits at individual level, another positive impact of happiness, is that a happy person has the ability to make others happy. He has the power to create a violence free and a stress-free society. In this way your happy mindset will not just make you happy, but also everyone around you happy.